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09/9/2020 1:21 PM  #1

League fixtures

Noticed that the first game is on 6 Oct away to Hungerford.

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09/9/2020 6:22 PM  #2

Re: League fixtures

From what I can tell our two blank fixture dates due to there being only 21 teams in National South are Monday 28th December (so a rest between the two games with Bath) and Saturday 13th March - assuming the season gets that far!


09/9/2020 8:58 PM  #3

Re: League fixtures

Could be worse, Hungerford miss out on a Boxing Day game.
I’d prefer to play Bath at Xmas and then Easter, playing the same team again so quickly gives the in form team the advantage...although it could be us I guess!!


09/9/2020 9:33 PM  #4

Re: League fixtures

It's a good start for us playing the bottom 2 when Covid came,6 points and we will top mid October.


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