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19/8/2020 10:24 AM  #1

Pete "Snowy" Donegan - RIP

Sadly former Chippenham and Corsham Town centre forward Pete "Snowy" Donegan passed away at the weekend. After a distinguished playing career he could be found at many local grounds offering advice to any manager or player either willing to listen or within earshot.

He became involved with the Gateway club spending many pleasant Wednesday evenings with them, sharing his love of football with them by looking after them at the ground and passing on his knowledge. Snowy later became coach of their football team helping to organise the games between then and the Supporters Club, events enjoyed by all who took part despite his somewhat vague team talks.

RIP Snowy - you will be missed.


19/8/2020 11:06 AM  #2

Re: Pete "Snowy" Donegan - RIP

Saw this news on FB the other day and commented then but sad news indeed.
I’ll always associate Snowy with the Fred Thomson era of the mid-late 60’s and, as a nipper, can well remember him scoring more than a few from my vantage point hanging off the railings behind the goal.  RIP Snowy, thanks for the memories.


20/8/2020 5:16 PM  #3

Re: Pete "Snowy" Donegan - RIP

I remember Snowy playing for Chippenham Town against Bromham. The score line was something like 10-1, with Snowy bagging about six of them. During the game a small white dog started sprinting up and down the touchline in front of the stand. Some comedian pointed at the dog and shouted 'Look, it's Snowy' much to everyone's amusement.

Happy days and great memories. Thanks Snowy for contributing so much.


22/8/2020 5:50 PM  #4

Re: Pete "Snowy" Donegan - RIP

Very sad news.

RIP Pete.


24/8/2020 4:50 PM  #5

Re: Pete "Snowy" Donegan - RIP

Sad news, my thoughts go out to his family


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