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27/7/2020 3:54 PM  #11

Re: FA Ratification

Valid point indeed Toyboy but Redditch and Hendon have laid 4g and both have considerable slopes also, it’s the only way forward to ensure the bar and new facilities are in constant use, the odd meeting, party etc won’t be of huge benefit to the club and it’s ambition to get to the next level. How much do we spend hiring out training areas for the first team and the academy, the grass maintenance, watering. We have a board in place to sort funding,  I’m am informed that Cirencesters board had to find finance in house to match, so we really should be considering it seriously if we intend to move forward. 


27/7/2020 5:38 PM  #12

Re: FA Ratification

Although there is nothing stopping us laying a 4G pitch if we had the money and desire I think I heard somewhere that the FA would not sanction finance for Chippenham Town FC because of its relative proximity to Stanley Park which received FA funding for their artificial pitch. That’s not set in stone just something I think I remember from quite a few years ago when I believe the club asked the question.

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27/7/2020 8:57 PM  #13

Re: FA Ratification

Hard to believe they could use that as an excuse these days as I’m sure that most of the clubs/towns who already have 3G of 4G pitches must have other similar facilities within fairly close proximity?  Hemel had a decent slope and they’ve managed to install one and Bath City plan one (there’s a 4G pitch at the Odd Down sports area).  I fail to see how it would cost anywhere near to Toyboy’s estimation to do some preparatory landscaping.  Having said that I’m not a fan of watching football regularly on an artificial surface although I quite understand the financial benefits it can bring.
It’ll be interesting to see what happens if Harrogate manage to beat Notts County next weekend in the National League play-off final.  Artificial pitches are outlawed in the EFL so they’ll presumably have to rip it out pronto?


27/7/2020 9:22 PM  #14

Re: FA Ratification

Read the Gloucester Chairman’s blog. They had to have no more than 33mm drop end to end.
3G/4G, Personally I hate the stuff, unnatural bounce and players don’t slide tackle.
I really hope we don’t go down that route, finances or not.
Gloucesters ground, although impressive will be soulless with 500-700 people in it. When building a new ground you now need a huge parameter area to allow a walkway around the ground.


29/7/2020 7:27 AM  #15

Re: FA Ratification

Apologies - I did not make myself totally clear ref the Cirencester Town installation. The cost of £1 million plus was for the entire installation - leveling the pitch, laying the 4G pitch, and having fencing installed around the entire perimeter of the pitch. I do not believe they had grants to off-set the cost, but never the less, Ciren's ground is impressive for Southern League now.


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