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12/6/2020 10:04 AM  #1

Some old photos

Some great photos shared by Vince Taylor and Paul Claydon from the groundtastic magazine.

Chippenham Town's Hardenhuish Park in 1978. Happily still with us, but looking somewhat different in those days.



12/6/2020 10:09 AM  #2

Re: Some old photos



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12/6/2020 11:45 AM  #3

Re: Some old photos

Thanks for posting these photographs. They brought back some wonderful memories.


12/6/2020 5:02 PM  #4

Re: Some old photos

Certainly do Dauntsey - especially waiting for the hockey to finish so we could get on that pitch for a kickabout, keeping one eye on what was going on with the Town 😁


12/6/2020 9:46 PM  #5

Re: Some old photos

There was nothing quite like smashing a football into the back of a hockey goal.

Many was the time I had to ask someone on the way out what the score was, as I knew my granddad would be waiting for me to pass his house to find how the 'Town' had got on.


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