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30/4/2020 9:50 AM  #1

Ian Herring departs Hungerford Town

Just seen on National League web site that Ian Herring has left Hungerford Town.  If they stay up and not automatically relegated, wonder who could be the next manager.  Interesting.


30/4/2020 10:22 AM  #2

Re: Ian Herring departs Hungerford Town

Sounds to me as though Hungerford have cut their playing budget to zilch, and Ian has said enough is enough. I can think of at least one localish name who may be interested - mentioning no names of course !


30/4/2020 5:22 PM  #3

Re: Ian Herring departs Hungerford Town


30/4/2020 9:42 PM  #4

Re: Ian Herring departs Hungerford Town

A club that has always been up against it in truth, relegation looked a certainty,appears the Chairman will definitely working within his means. I can't imagine any experienced manager would be taking that gig on saying that I understand Charlie Griffin is Hungerfords choice, I presume Toyboy has heard the same.


01/5/2020 8:59 AM  #5

Re: Ian Herring departs Hungerford Town

My thoughts exactly Reginald 74 - Chas worked with £10 quid a week at Cirencester, and performed miracles, and I'm sure the Hungerford Town board will be aware of his achievements there. I think Chas will go a long way in football management, as he has the right approach with players, and the way he set's his teams up. Remember the struggle we had against Ciren in the FA Cup ?


01/5/2020 7:10 PM  #6

Re: Ian Herring departs Hungerford Town

Personal statement from I.H., taken from the Newbury News, regarding his departure from the Crusaders:

Despite the lack of resources, compared to other N.L.S clubs, it seems that he enjoyed his time there. It will certainly set him up for the future.

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12/5/2020 10:18 AM  #7

Re: Ian Herring departs Hungerford Town

Danny Robinson appointed as new manager at Hungerford Town.

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12/5/2020 3:13 PM  #8

Re: Ian Herring departs Hungerford Town

I think the early demise of the season has worked in favour of Ian, relegation looked certain and his cv would have taken a dive, who would you want Charlie, good football but no rewards or Ian competitive with limited budget albeit in a much tougher division. Both Thatcham interested presumably 


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