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26/3/2020 10:43 PM  #11

Re: Trouble down the A4

Dauntsey Boys wrote:

They've always got filmmaker Ken Loach, he must be worth a few quid.

One Kestrel doth not make a summer.

Want a bare knuckle fight? I'll knock you out you Cnut.

27/3/2020 11:05 PM  #12

Re: Trouble down the A4

Very good Ronnie. That was a great film, especially the football match.

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28/3/2020 12:00 PM  #13

Re: Trouble down the A4


28/3/2020 4:02 PM  #14

Re: Trouble down the A4

I have been a big Ken Loach fan since watching Kes many years ago. Spotted him several times at Chippenham games when Bath have been away. Once he was stood next to me getting texts on his old Blackberry updating the Bath score. He saw me checking scores on my phone and asked me how Fulham were getting on. He is very clearly a big fan of football particularly at grass roots level and its place in the community. Lets hope clubs survive this and we can get back to normal at least for next season at some point.


30/3/2020 9:18 AM  #15

Re: Trouble down the A4

Whatever your political views, as someone who used to work in a film related industry, I can say that he is widely know as a very friendly and just a really nice person in a field where this isn't always the case. He is a regular quiet visitor to HP when Bath are away, I spotted him a couple of years ago at a cold winter Tuesday night game sitting in the stands and said to my son, that bloke looks just like Ken Loach.... wait a minute...

Me and the missus watched "Looking For Eric" again from the YouTube link above. Its a brilliant film, both moving and funny, which also shows his love of football. If you haven't seen it, do watch it!


30/3/2020 11:31 AM  #16

Re: Trouble down the A4

Some great anecdotes from Chipp54 and newfan about Ken Loach. This set me wondering whether anyone here ever spotted our own Derek Fowlds amd Ken Loach chatting together at a game.


06/4/2020 10:46 PM  #17

Re: Trouble down the A4

Barf have now put their players and staff on the furlough scheme but are still struggling as the money won’t come in until the end April.
Do we have any paid staff? Will we be doing the same?
Club Very quiet on this front.

Also interesting to read comments from Gloucester City. expect to lose 111k and chairman put in 30k over the winter due to cancelled games.
Shows what money is thrown about at this level.

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07/4/2020 7:39 PM  #18

Re: Trouble down the A4

I was told players and staff Furloughed, players on contracts, that   will be expected to be paid, not aware of how many players or staff on contracts. Directors will be digging deep thankfully. Desperate times for non league clubs going forward. Was hoping for some news regarding new buildings.


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