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18/3/2020 11:13 AM  #1

Coronavirus, Isolation and it's many perils.

In times like this where people are facing unprecedented amount of time without certain activities that are normal to them. For some people this is not a big deal, I have swapped real football for fake football, moved my computer to my house and am tech savvy and in touch with the world. 

For others, this isn't the case. For some people this period of isolation could not be a more worrying time. Cut off from not just football (the thing that binds us here) but, family, friends, contact with the outside world, groceries and basic stuff that is always taken for granted. If you know someone who this is the case for please, make the effort, slide a note under the door, talk to them through a window, over a garden fence, whatever you need to do. The fact is during this time, Covid-19 will rampage through the country and no doubt take a few. However, our same issues don't go away. The poor will still struggle, the elderly may be lonely, the homeless cold, the depressed scared and so on and so forth. 

Show some love, and don't forget, keep things like the forum active! It keeps us engaged and the club in the front of people's mind. And the added bonus, you never know who might be reliant on this kind of social interaction. Be kind and be safe out there my fellow Bluebirds! 


18/3/2020 10:13 PM  #2

Re: Coronavirus, Isolation and it's many perils.

Wise words TheVoice. 

As for the forum, we should definitely keep it active. Talking about CTFC is the next best thing to watching the team play. 

There's plenty to discuss, such as can there be any doubt after our amazing turnaround in form, the board will offer Mike Cook the manager's job and if so, will there be any place in Mike's set-up for Gary Horgan?


18/3/2020 11:05 PM  #3

Re: Coronavirus, Isolation and it's many perils.

Announced on Facebook today that Mike Cook has been given the job permanently. 

Might need “Flashback for the fans” to be resurrected in these strange times Dauntsey Boy 😉.  Just an old school joke folks.


19/3/2020 12:52 AM  #4

Re: Coronavirus, Isolation and it's many perils.

As you might have guessed I don't use Facebook.

I suppose my gaff could have been worse. At least I was only hours behind and not days.

Insideleft, please don't tell Mrs Blewitt I haven't been keeping up.



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