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14/3/2020 7:10 PM  #1

Last game for a while?

That was a proper game.  Toe to toe with the league leaders, I thought we were excellent.  Could have won it, could have lost it.  And a great advert for the league - may entice some floating fans to come back.


14/3/2020 8:12 PM  #2

Re: Last game for a while?

completely agree. If the ref had given the penalty for the push on Twine and we had gone in 2-0 up it might have been a different story. Baffling decision - if not a push then surely he has to book Scott for simulation. Wealdstone must have had a right good talking to in the HT break as they played up the slope with a lot more purpose and despite some brilliant defending and goalkeeping we did succumb which seemed inevitable but did well to hold on after that. Got back into it near the end with Dave Pratt in particular having a golden opportunity that would have caused the cricket ground end to go bonkers. Hope we do get some more games but that would be a fitting game to end the season on.


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