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09/3/2020 1:06 PM  #1

Chippenham Town under18's

I have just watched the highlights of their game against Highworth Juniors. I have never seen anything like this before. The attitude of Highworth's players was dreadful after going behind in extra time. Even after watching my son play youth football for 10 years I have never seen players stop playing, even when getting hammered. Their manager must be ashamed of them and surely the Wilts F.A. will take action too.


09/3/2020 1:25 PM  #2

Re: Chippenham Town under18's

I heard they were down to six at one point - isn't it supposed to be abandoned when a team has that few players?


09/3/2020 1:34 PM  #3

Re: Chippenham Town under18's

By all accounts one of the biggest circus acts seen in quite a while. Disgusting scenes from Highworth, downing tools when you are getting beat is such a sign of cowardice and they really shouldn't be representing the club at any level. Their manager and the club must be absolutely disgusted with their actions as a team and really showed a level of professionalism installed in our lads by Joe. They just got on with it and acted like professionals whilst all of this was going on. I guess that is what happens when you aspire to higher.. 


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