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14/2/2020 1:08 PM  #1

Alex Bray joins CTFC

Former Swansea, Rotherham, Hereford player joins CTFC.



14/2/2020 1:10 PM  #2

Re: Alex Bray joins CTFC

Looks a good signing from the limited stuff online. Good experience and of course had played at this level for Weston with McGregor so a link there. Good stuff. 


14/2/2020 1:41 PM  #3

Re: Alex Bray joins CTFC

Agreed, looks a good signing and appears to be permanent rather than on loan, so the beginnings of team building for next years NLS campaign?


14/2/2020 1:50 PM  #4

Re: Alex Bray joins CTFC

Interesting past for sure, certainly played for Westons relegated team, didn’t cut it at Hereford so without club. Good replacement for Karnell and Pratt. 


14/2/2020 6:42 PM  #5

Re: Alex Bray joins CTFC

Local boy, son of Marcus, who was an altogether different sort of player 😂


14/2/2020 6:46 PM  #6

Re: Alex Bray joins CTFC

Seems a good signing, excited to finally see a winger at Chippenham running at full backs and getting the ball into the box. Last time we had a player that did that was probably Joe Mclennan


15/2/2020 10:02 AM  #7

Re: Alex Bray joins CTFC

Interesting how people view this as a good signing.

A 24 year old who has played 34 games in 5 years of Football - only scoring once for York.

Is this the extent of our network?  I hope he seizes the opportunity quickly!


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