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14/2/2020 12:08 PM  #11

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Typical G&H can't be bothered to report on our great away win at Hemel but are all over the Chambers case. Support your local team ?


14/2/2020 1:16 PM  #12

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Silly boy. Interesting to see what happens now. I seem to remember an East Thurrock player was banned for 18 months for football betting and on his return he scored at HP against us?  


14/2/2020 1:23 PM  #13

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Like I said a weird one, different with Zebroski's past, some of the stuff being said on there was definitive and incorrect. Yes Chambers may not have been part of Cook's plans which is a shame as like mentioned, on his day Karnell can turn a game well and truly on it's head and effect in a positive way but of course comes with his critics as well but all in all a nice lad and hope things work out for him in some way. 

Gambling in football is sadly a huge part of the experience but Nell knows the rules and should this turn out to be true, I can only imagine how silly Nell must be feeling right now, I hope that he does get looked after by the club in this respect, situations like this catch the attention and the club looking out for the well being of the person behind the player could well speak volumes to those we covet and influence their decisions to work with CTFC in the future.

I think that with Pratt's injury we need all the options we can get so hope this gets sorted, I haven't always been his biggest fan but I do see potential there and his goals have been at times vital, I think especially start of the season leading up to the Northampton game he was arguably one of our biggest influences down that left side. Here is hoping it reaches at the very least a resolved and amicable end for all parties. 

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14/2/2020 10:25 PM  #14

Re: Karnell Chambers -

My opinion, rightly or wrongly I hope he stays with us as he's been an enormous asset to the club and the top scorer this season.

Goals scored so far.

Karnell Chambers     7
Nat Jarvis                  5
??????                     4    (to be revealed later)
David Pratt               3
Luke Hopper            3
Big Mac                   3
Rhys Tyler               2
Chris Zebroski         2
Jay Faulston            2

Any idea as to the third top scorer is?


14/2/2020 11:08 PM  #15

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Parselle or McDonald?


14/2/2020 11:19 PM  #16

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Charlie Bird wrote:

Parselle or McDonald?

Neither, I put McDonald as Big Mac.


15/2/2020 12:22 AM  #17

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Callum Gunner.


15/2/2020 6:33 AM  #18

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Chipp54 wrote:

Callum Gunner.

All of a sudden this season he's come to life.
Will get my vote for fans player of the season.


15/2/2020 9:55 AM  #19

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Amazing how easy it is to be liked in Football.  Run around, lose the ball a lot and people will adore you!!

He is one of my favourites but shows all of our strengths and weaknesses!!

Karnell is a goner. Club won’t look after him re his contract.


15/2/2020 1:31 PM  #20

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Jesus so cheerful  this morning, don’t rate Gunner, don’t rate Bray even though you’ve never seen him kick a ball.
Can the club or manger do anything right in your eyes?


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