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12/2/2020 12:03 PM  #1

Maidstone (Home)

Next up at the TS Stadium are another of the pre-season favourites Maidstone United. Chippenham buoyed by the recent victory away at Hemel Hempstead will be more chomping at the bit to get back into action action a very strong opponent and weather permitting, Saturday will provide a strong test for both sides with very different league aspirations. 

Maidstone come into the game loitering just outside the playoff spots in 9th place and with the unsurprisingly tight nature of the National League South this year, every point will be vital in their promotion push. They will visit Chippenham on a mixed run of form since our game back in December. An exit against Concord in the FA Trophy followed our 0-0 draw at the Gallagher before defeat against a very "In Form" Dorking Wanderers just before Christmas is only one of two defeats the Stones have tasted, the other coming in January against a resurgent St Albans side. They have drawn against Tonbridge and Hemel, both results that I am sure would not have been well received by the home supporters and have racked up wins against Dulwich, Havant, Oxford and Braintree. 

Chippenham come into the game on the back of a very different story. The game in Kent which ended 0-0 provided what seemed to be a catalyst for some good results when Chippenham disposed of Chelmsford on the following Saturday but alas, that was all to come crashing down with 4 defeats in a row against Bath, Dorking, Bath (Again) and Tonbridge before a run of 3 draws against Hemel, Dulwich and Havant. Momentum was bought to a sickening halt with a 5-1 defeat by Dartford before the boys fantastically rallied to bring home 3 much needed points from Hemel Hempstead at the weekend. 

A very well supported Maidstone are expected at the TS Stadium amid fears of the incoming "Storm Dennis". I am sure with CTFC working around the clock on their playing surface to ensure it's highest standard, there will be fair warning well in advance of any travelling supporters to try and avoid situations that are befalling clubs up and down the league at the moment in terms of travelling to find the game being thrown out mere hours prior to kick off. 

Chippenham come into the game carrying some tired limbs no doubt from the game on Saturday. As Mike mentioned in his Post Match Interview, the referee elected to add both 4 and 6 minutes to the end of each half so almost 100 minutes of play in which a lot of effort was expended. Dave Pratt will almost certainly miss out with a hamstring injury and there may well be doubt over Luke Haines after completing his first competitive game since Boxing Day at the weekend looked like he was moving with all the grace of a rhino in a tutu in the bar afterwards. Luke however, is a fit and determined young lad and I am sure he will be available to play his part in what I thought was our best "Midfield" performance of the season alongside Gunner and Russe. Nat Jarvis is completing his comeback trail and without doubt was a nice touch to see him wheeling away in celebration on Saturday. As many know by now, this season hasn't been the easiest for Jarv and it was refreshing to see that smile and swagger back on Saturday. 

So with Pratty out, it leaves Mike a bit of a decision. George Rigg came and did a fantastic job on that left hand side when Dave came off and credit to Riggy for stepping into the role so well. With Tyler and Twine down the right hand side we look explosive, very dangerous and with Jay in the full back slot on the left hand side, I for one am quite happy that Riggy slots in there quite comfortably as it allows for Jay to get forward and deliver a wicked ball in and not leave us too culpable at the back with Riggy understanding fully his role there. Karnell Chambers must be chomping at the bit by now and would be nice to see him feature at some point with his early pace setting in the season showing that there is a player of real quality in there, whether he starts down that left hand side or whether Cook elects to stick with Rigg is going to be an interesting choice. 

One thing is for certain, this game is going to be tough. A lot of games are now, but with the same effort and desire shown on Saturday and a little application in the final third I am very confident Chippenham can get something from this game. I am going to predict a draw in this one. Maidstone themselves are a very good defensive outfit and have been known at times to be a little tentative going forward (Sounds familiar) I would just like to see Chippenham still in the game and level at around the 70 minute mark. If at that time the game is there for the winning and we are sat on a point I will be very content with either outcome. I think the old creed can be echoed here that "If we can't win, let's try and draw and make sure we don't lose". Good luck to Mike, the coaching staff and most importantly the players this weekend and let's hope that come 4:45, Chippenham voices are the ones raised highest. 



15/2/2020 6:17 PM  #2

Re: Maidstone (Home)

FT 1-0 Chip, incredible and honestly an unexpected result. Owes a lot to George Rigg getting 2 of there players sent off. Up to 17th!!!


15/2/2020 6:42 PM  #3

Re: Maidstone (Home)

Quite an unusual game - two of theirs sent off before half time (unrelated incidents) and they use their last two substitutions coming out at 2nd half including the goalkeeper! Presumably for injuries, surely.

Three points is the main thing but I'm rather concerned with our lack of composure at times, especially after taking the lead. Take your time, use the extra space but no, we continued to kick it direct half the time even in these windy conditions 🤦‍♂️


15/2/2020 6:51 PM  #4

Re: Maidstone (Home)

Quite the eventful game. Reckless Maidstone challenges all on George Rigg and despite their fans criticism of the ref, they can't really have any complaints about either red card. Penalty saved and we hit the woodwork a couple of times and two good saves from their keepers, we didn't look like we were going to score and then it happened. At which point I felt we relaxed too much rather than going for the knockout punch and really was expecting an equaliser at the death, which nearly came. Anyway we did look good from the start and deserved the 3pts which we really need. New boy Alex could have a dream debut 1:1 with the keeper, but lacked composure 

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15/2/2020 6:58 PM  #5

Re: Maidstone (Home)

Massive 3 points but thank god they went down to 9 men and had to make all their subs through injury at half time.

I am very concerned about the lack of quality going forward. All the boys work hard and run etc (as if that’s something we should be grateful for!) but the lack of quality and thought with the ball terrifies me.

Big game next week but not as big as it looked a couple of weeks ago.

Well grinded out today 👏


15/2/2020 9:35 PM  #6

Re: Maidstone (Home)

We were never going down and today confirmed that, always had enough to pick up the points required. Today was about the three points so mission accomplished, glad they only had 9 men, we were busy as always but we still have a lot to do, Hungerford gone and any one from five or six. 


15/2/2020 9:55 PM  #7

Re: Maidstone (Home)

It's all about the 3 PTS now, don't care how we get them, massive win again.
Clean sheet also, let's just keep grinding them out.


15/2/2020 10:43 PM  #8

Re: Maidstone (Home)

A wins a win 3 points well done boys


15/2/2020 11:03 PM  #9

Re: Maidstone (Home)

All this talk of winning ugly, what a hard condition to play in today with the adverse weather conditions. Yes, a two man advantage has helped of course it has but people suggesting we are poorer for not making it easier on ourselves. They are full time, just outside the playoffs, we are relegation threatened and finding points hard to come by. Perspective people. Twine scores the penalty, we win that game by 2-3 goals as they would needed to have pressed. They stuck in the game as long as they could and tried to flood set pieces, was all they had and we handled it. Good performance today, resilience and strength seems to be a real constant in the performances of late and regardless of any opinions over the previous weeks and months, we can’t fault that now we are seeing it in action. Long may it continue. Well done to everybody, Mike, staff and of course our fantastic players, this one you can enjoy that little bit more. 6 from 2, onto Welling, St Albans and Concord and hopefully the run can continue. Pinch me I’m dreaming, back to back wins, 17th, happy atmosphere. Crisis, what crisis!

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15/2/2020 11:38 PM  #10

Re: Maidstone (Home)

Let’s rewind - a few weeks ago what a bad thing the board are doing getting rid of Collier. They don’t know what their doing.
5 weeks later - 2 draws 2 wins and a draw thank you Mike and well done the board.
All good things come to those who wait.


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