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11/2/2020 10:31 AM  #1

Mathematical Possibility

It has just dawned on me that we NEED to win at the weekend and hope Wealdstone start slipping up every week or we have got no chance of winning the league!! Hungerford already cannot mathematically win the National League South following Saturday's results but if you fancied a punt on Chippenham at this stage bet356 are offering odds of around 1,000,000,000/1 

I reckon that is worth a cheeky quid! 

Leicester 2015/16 - 5000/1 
Chippenham 2019/20 -


11/2/2020 4:11 PM  #2

Re: Mathematical Possibility

I thought The Voice had left the optimistic army, he's back! 😉


11/2/2020 4:35 PM  #3

Re: Mathematical Possibility

Either that or I really enjoy wasting the odd pound coin and strive to find humour and decent coping mechanism ;) 

No in all seriousness, three points restores everyone's smile a little bit and was nice to go away Saturday and watch the lads show some bottle and some character as in recent performances, namely the two against Dartford and Supermarine it is very evident that is what was missing. 

Biggest issue with those performances is the fact that it showed a lack of pride, something that needs to be installed from the top, clearly Mike and his team managed to get the group to rally after recent bad weeks and start to finish the better side against Hemel went a long way in my eyes to showing we can compete. Now let's hope it's not a flash in the pan and that we have the intestinal fortitude for the fight. 

Three more points against Maidstone at the weekend and I am almost certain I will start making Optimistic Army badges again and throwing them like confetti at Full Time ;) 

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