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07/2/2020 6:35 PM  #21

Re: Mike Cook banned

Sorry to disappoint you Jack-Bluebird but I'm not Derek!!!!


07/2/2020 6:48 PM  #22

Re: Mike Cook banned


I didn’t claim that the board knew nothing about Cook’s court case. I started with “My guess is...”! There is a subtle difference. One is fact, the other is opinion.

I agree that the fans need to get behind the team, and I will.

Just because my opinion on here isn’t the same as yours, that doesn’t make me any less a “true” fan than you are. You know nothing about me and who are you to judge what “true” means?

I want the team to succeed as much as anyone!


07/2/2020 8:15 PM  #23

Re: Mike Cook banned

Jesus, we’ve become a club where an official comes on and has a go at supporters for having different views to that of us own.

There are no such thing as “true fans” or “fake fans” - we all want to see the club do well and be reported in a good light. Whether you can get to every game, just home games or a few matches a season, all voices matter and those that feel differently shouldn’t fee discouraged to post on unofficial forums.

Sadly, the performances aren’t a great right now and our name is being dragged through the dirt with negative news stories.


07/2/2020 9:32 PM  #24

Re: Mike Cook banned

Not quite the six points Mike was looking for.

Judge Michael Cullum fined Cook, who managed Gloucester City between January and November 2019, a sum of £500 and endorsed his licence with six points.


07/2/2020 10:49 PM  #25

Re: Mike Cook banned

Could the appointment have been made on the basis that Cook already had six points......?

With those six points we’d be out of danger and up to 15th!


08/2/2020 10:48 AM  #26

Re: Mike Cook banned

We Could certainly do with those 6 points 😂. Football at any level is a results business.
Mike will sink or swim over the next 3 or 4 games.  A win today and a lot of the doom and gloom will go away. It’s surprising a couple of good positive results and the mood soon swings back  to positives towards the manager. And off the field stuff gets pushed to the side.   But we need to get something today. St Albans,Tonbridge and Braintree will find a few results. So we definitely need to keep pace and at least match them.  Good luck today Mike. Let’s cum back with something. 😎

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08/2/2020 7:33 PM  #27

Re: Mike Cook banned

Well we got the win we needed today. My gloom has been lifted a little. Well done Mike and crew.  And a big well done to the lads.  Good to see Jarvis playing again.  Shame about Bath who let us down today.  Good to see Braintree, Billericay and Welling all losing.  Bring on the Maidstone at home next Saturday. 😎


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