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04/1/2020 1:34 AM  #1

we are not flipping Brazil

get real. we are not Brazil, not even QPR, or Orient

considering what Collier has to work with, he’s doh g a good job. who’s going to do better, Harry flipping Redknapp

we have just lost Haines and Richards, two players who i would put on the team sheet regardless of anything

two good steady players, one who can use one of the flanks and we’d be ok

play Pratt and Jarvis from the start and if there is supply, we’ll be ok

they all make mistakes, it’s the 6th tier of football with two tiers, i am expecting no more

get behind em, as we need to stay up and build. bath are twice as big as us, in all ways.

Dorking were not great shakes, but they didn’t let us settle and that’s why they are where they are, and we are where we are

common Mark,.......lets be havin you


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