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25/11/2019 10:36 AM  #1

Future Away Travel

Well that was a weekend! A quick trip from Portsmouth to Trowbridge on Friday, Trowbridge to Chippenham Saturday Morning, Coach from Chippenham to Dulwich and back on Saturday, back to Trowbridge Saturday Evening and then a 4 Hour Train/Rail Replacement Bus to Portsmouth from Trowbridge on Sunday. All of that just to take a coach to Dulwich with my fellow supporters and friends for a Chippenham away fixture in the FA Trophy! Was it worth it? OF COURSE IT BLOODY WAS! 

What a fantastic and enjoyable day had by all, a smooth departure was the key start with everyone there in great spirits well in time to depart Chippenham and make our Swindon pick up. We had a brilliant journey up, good tunes in the back to warm up the vocal chords, a cheeky football quiz and some great laughs. The raffle was a complete success with thanks to all who bought a little prize along to add to the grand prize of the refunded seat won by Nathan Green (I saw him and Nick getting very friendly on the way up, cuddles, the lot so I called fix but gladly Nathan saved face by agreeing to gamble the prize on our football quiz, he made a £10 bless him) 

Great to see such a diverse mix of supporters socialising not only on the coach but also in the bar area at Dulwich, we had a variety of people on board from players parents, media, the young and the older supporters, families all in all, it was just a fantastic day and I want to thank each and every one of you that made the trip so enjoyable and pass on thanks from the CTFC Board, Management and Players, they were so happy with the turnout and I genuinely think that based on this, a Chippenham Town Supporters presence at away games is something that is definitely achievable. We ran this coach with little more than 4 days notice before the home game to Slough (such is the nature of the beast with a Cup Draw) and with some 30+ supporters making the trip, we far from sold the coach out but we were not far away at all from the 40 required to make such an endeavour break even. A very well supported raffle took us close to that mark, but wouldn't it be so very nice to have that raffle become profit for our club and take the extra 20+ bodies away from home more regularly? 

The result and performance did justice to those who made such efforts and a lovely sight to behold at the end when our lads, led by a beaming Tony Godwin as always, came ploughing into the away end to shake hands, give thanks and celebrate a hard earned result away from home, we bring them back to Chippenham, Tuesday night and I am sure many will be confident of getting the job done at home. 

Thank you once again to all that travelled, we have a home fixture Tuesday evening and then we go on the road again for Eastbourne and Havant & Waterlooville before Maidstone on a Tuesday evening. So plenty of opportunities for us to garnish interest and see how the land lies for these fixtures. If you have travelled with us at the weekend, please, tell others about your day, the enjoyment and how great it would be to add to that. My first experiences with away travel were these coach days out, singing at the service station and having a great day with my friends and strangers that soon became friends after a couple of jaunts around the country. 

See you all Tuesday where I am sure we can chat more about future Coach Travel and how you can get involved



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