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02/12/2018 11:09 AM  #11

Re: V Weston Super Mare at home. Saturday

Our own twitter says Jarvis was booked in first half which I don't remember and I thought he also was shown a yellow after the handbags, so maybe that was two reds the ref missed and he evened out his mistake?


02/12/2018 11:16 AM  #12

Re: V Weston Super Mare at home. Saturday

Did he do “rock, paper, scissors “ for the toss up?


02/12/2018 11:53 AM  #13

Re: V Weston Super Mare at home. Saturday

Thought it was strange when we were 2 - 1 down, takes off McCootie and brings on Evans a midfield player, when Jack Compton was on the bench. Not sure if Jack Compton is carrying an injury, but he is getting very little game time.

Horrendous tackle by the WSM player who got sent off. Whilst on the subject of sending off's what has happened to James Guthrie, is he still at the club? 


02/12/2018 11:56 AM  #14

Re: V Weston Super Mare at home. Saturday

James Guthrie was due to play for Park yesterday I think, but they were postponed


02/12/2018 12:31 PM  #15

Re: V Weston Super Mare at home. Saturday

Weston deserved to win as they seemed more determined and in truth played the much better football for much of the match. Can't understand the choice of midfield players though. I think Chambers was playing  in a midfield role which meant we had a very lightweight midfield with no real ball winner until Evans came on far too late. McCootie wasn't having the best of games, same for most of them, but strange taking a forward off when you are losing, Given the way we played in the first half surprised a change was not made at half time.Was that because none of the subs were fully fit ( if that was the case why wasn't Guthrie on the bench and saw I believe Ellington at the ground) or did the manager think things would improve in the 2nd half which early on you could see wasn;t the case? I also believe Weston's no 9 received 2 yellows.


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