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19/9/2018 2:11 PM  #1

Next home game

Went past the ground this morning and the forthcoming fixture board in the car park advises the next game is Dartford, no mention on the board of the FA Cup game against Swindon Super Marine.
I am not moaning just advising.


19/9/2018 3:16 PM  #2

Re: Next home game

If you look higher in the fixture board you will notice a big sign about Saturdays game. It was their last Week-End

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19/9/2018 3:52 PM  #3

Re: Next home game

I cannot tell a lie guys, but I made exactly the same mistake when I drove into work this morning. I saw the notice for the Dartford game, and thought it strange the FA Cup game was not advertised. Like a fool I emailed the Chairman, who politely replied by saying there is a huge sign above the main board advertising the Super-marine game - embarrassed or what !!! Well it was dark when I drove in, so that my excuse !!!


19/9/2018 5:15 PM  #4

Re: Next home game

I must say, how impressed I was with the signage. How can any one miss that. HUGE


19/9/2018 5:35 PM  #5

Re: Next home game

Must have a look tomorrow, must admit one looks in the same place for the advertised game, not on top of the billboard, doh. 

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20/9/2018 10:14 AM  #6

Re: Next home game

Should have gone to Spec Savers. 😂😎


24/9/2018 10:21 PM  #7

Re: Next home game

Or maybe the next TW game is so amazing and so surprising that they are keeping it a secret.


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