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15/7/2017 6:42 PM  #1

PSF Frome

Finished 1-1 with Sandell penalty early in second half saving the blushes. Essentially 2 different Chippenham teams in the two halves - the newbies we have got and triallists didn't really shine. Quite a feisty encounter for a friendly where several cards would have been shown if it were a competitive game


15/7/2017 6:48 PM  #2

Re: PSF Frome

My view a little different. Big striker looks a handful, Donlee very composed and evans very effective. Fitness test for all, saving blushes in pre season! you serious?


15/7/2017 7:02 PM  #3

Re: PSF Frome

This post made me chuckle. Specially the saving the blushes part. Its pre-season. Against a decent strong Frome team. I would say only 5 players in each half would start. Its about fitness and getting rid of the rustyness. In general I thought it was alright. Good work out no injuries.


15/7/2017 8:13 PM  #4

Re: PSF Frome

So you think coming away losing 0-1 would have been OK? But for a superb Chitty save would have been 0-2. I'm not sure we even had a shot on target the Frome goalie had to save. The trial striker didn't impress me but probably nervous.

Obviously the result isn't important but...

Certainly interesting selection choices to be made when we play Newport on Tues

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15/7/2017 9:54 PM  #5

Re: PSF Frome

Why interesting selection on Tuesday? will be the same squad I would imagine. Looking back on your posts, you stated that Horgan was a poor signing then changed your mind, give these lad's a chance. Saving blushes CLUELESS


15/7/2017 9:58 PM  #6

Re: PSF Frome

Wasn't a bad game for me. Aren't friendlies all about finding the right starting team for the first match and seeing how players bond together.
What was the crowd didn't look that many to me? How many do you think we will have for Tuesday against Newport

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16/7/2017 7:24 AM  #7

Re: PSF Frome

And you wonder why this forum is quiet -  flamer trolls

Let me try to explain

(1) A PSF which was enjoyable to watch and very competitive but was disappointed not to win and that it took a penalty to draw

(2) Our squad from last year still look good and none of the new players looked an obvious drop in first choice to replace any of them to my eyes but none had a bad game they just didn't shine. Some nice movement and combinations at times but nothing outstanding to challenge established players yet.

(3)It's about finding who works well together at PSF stage. Hence wonder who will be selected on Tues

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