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12/12/2017 12:05 PM  #11

Re: Nuno Felix

Blimey that is one hell of a commute, because I believe Nuno lives in Bristol ! I don't fancy that journey on a cold January evening for training !


12/2/2018 10:07 PM  #12

Re: Nuno Felix

toyboy wrote:

Have to say I'm surprised and disappointed about this news. This is an area within the Team that we have struggled with this season, as numerous player's have been tried, and no one in the squad has really excelled in that position. Wish Nuno all the very best for the future, and echo Believer's thoughts that Nuno was a great lad and did great for us. Will never forget the reaction from the whole team when he scored a screamer away at Hitchin last  season. Let's hope this does not come back and bit us in the bum and he signs for a rival in the National South.

Signed for Poultry Rovers i see. Wont be biting us in the bum.


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