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04/2/2018 12:07 PM  #11

Re: Chelmsford

Space Raider wrote:

We were good enough recently against two sides right up there challenging for promotion...

What's better 3 points against teams around us or 1 point against promotion pushers? 

Hobgoblin's right it is hard to take considering all Collier's done for the club and he''ll never be forgotten for that but if we stay up has he the contacts to ensure we get players of the a sufficient standard to establish us in this league.

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04/2/2018 2:03 PM  #12

Re: Chelmsford

Reality check needed. We are now up against big football clubs who have in the past played in the national league.  I've been to every game and some of the places we've been to have been very impressive, a massive difference from last season.  We have not been outplayed by anyone, it's silly defensive mistakes and bad decision making which are costing us.  Its easy to support a team winning every week but everyone has to now stick together and get behind the team.


04/2/2018 5:36 PM  #13

Re: Chelmsford

Like I said in a previous post. It would appear that Collier only has contact in the Southern Premier and locally. Hence why we continually raid Frome and Bath for players.if they are good enough the fine.
Since we played Bath they have improved by essentially signing loan players. Sometimes fielding teams with up to 8 loan players in the startup no 11, not ideal in the long term. But do we need to do that to survive?
Can’t see what Curtis has contributed in place of Nuno!! Mullins simply too slow
Matthews and McCootie do show promise.
Simple fact is.....if we don’t improve the squad Now with permanent or loan signings then we are down, simple as.
I hope i’m Wrong, I really do.


04/2/2018 6:32 PM  #14

Re: Chelmsford

So we don’t have good links with Bristol City and Swindon Town then?  Must have missed something.


04/2/2018 7:35 PM  #15

Re: Chelmsford

We do but only for loan signings. The point I was making thats gone completely over your head. The permanent signings at the moment arn't good enough to keep us up or at least it looks that way.
I.e should we do a Bath? Get it now.


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