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30/1/2018 2:05 PM  #1

Poole game is on

As of now the game is still on.


30/1/2018 7:59 PM  #2


30/1/2018 8:38 PM  #3

Re: Poole game is on

Half time Poole 1 Chippenham 0 43 minutes


30/1/2018 9:44 PM  #4

Re: Poole game is on

Lost 2-0 not good

At least Bath lost


30/1/2018 9:47 PM  #5

Re: Poole game is on

Hugely disappointing given our last two performances against top of the table opposition. I managed to catch the live second-half commentary. A combination of a lack of understanding between the defenders and Jared, and a reliance on hit-and-hope balls up front, seem to have been our undoing, if the Poole commentators are to be believed. 


31/1/2018 8:08 AM  #6

Re: Poole game is on

We started brightly enough, Matt Smith crashing a shot against the post, but as the half wore on and the pitch deteriorated further we seemed to get bogged down and were under some pressure.  They hit the bar and had a shot cleared off the line.  You could see the goal coming but the manner in which it was conceded was disappointing.  I saw it from the other end of the pitch but it looked to me as though Jared should have claimed the ball.  Our defenders seemed to be of the same mind.  We huffed and puffed in the second half with no real threat - I don't recall their keeper having a significant shot to save - and the penalty (no complaints) was the final nail.  

The pitch was, not surprisingly, dreadful and in keeping with the surroundings.  There are many better Western League grounds. 


31/1/2018 12:26 PM  #7

Re: Poole game is on

Collier said afterwards that 4-5 players were not good enough - ie half the team. I assume he told those he identified who they were? After the home results and the rest from recent postponements I was expecting a win. Seemed odd to me to play Jones at centre-back alongside Tindle with Beeden available and on the bench, but assume there was a good reason for this. 


31/1/2018 12:43 PM  #8

Re: Poole game is on

Didn't attend the game so will not comment on how individuals  performed but did follow it on twitter and listened to Mark's post match interview. Players not performing at their best, why ? Not played for a couple of weeks, should have been raring to go, why not? The first goal appears to be down to Jared not coming for a ball that the defence thought was clearly his, are they not speaking to each other? Is everything ok in the camp?
This was a game that we really should have won, especially after our last two performances against top teams. We are now well and truly in the dog fight to stay up. Another difficult away game on Saturday against a top half the table team which I can't see us getting anything from. Don't want to sound all doom and gloom but on current form we could have a very brief stay in the National League South. I hope I am wrong, a couple of good results and we could be back to mid table safety.


31/1/2018 4:23 PM  #9

Re: Poole game is on

I did attend and thanks to PB for my lift.Players not performing, who knows why ? They proved versus  the top sides they are very able!First goal looked down to Jared not being decisive against wind assisted cross shot. Need 6 more wins so all to play for, we must find consistency, feel we missed Curtis and front 3 looked off the pace. Pitch very poor and Poole certainly not a bottom 3 side. Saturday's line up will be interesting. Any news on Richards ?


31/1/2018 8:31 PM  #10

Re: Poole game is on

I've come on here before and voiced my concerns about Thompson in recent weeks. He's not the player he was earier in the season. Braintree and Poole being prime examples! Do we have any options, it's clear he's going through a bad spell and we're dropping points through his errors!
Another question, why aren't we forging links with FGR? We could learn alot from them (on and off the field). Don't they train in Chippenham!


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