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29/1/2018 3:23 PM  #1

Scott Twine

According to Non League News Now - Scott Twine has rejoined us until the end of the season


29/1/2018 3:47 PM  #2

Re: Scott Twine

I've just seen this announcement in the Swindon Advertiser as well - confirming ScottĀ on loan for the remainder of this season. This re-signing certainly gives us numerous options up front now. Any news on Will Richards injury. Did not see him with the squad at Evesham on Saturday.


29/1/2018 4:04 PM  #3

Re: Scott Twine

Good news - though not sure who would make way for him in the team currently. Excellent cover for injuries and suspensions but might get used as impact player from bench as Josh Smiles is


29/1/2018 4:15 PM  #4

Re: Scott Twine

Great news gives us more options up front. Let's hope tomorrows game goes ahead and we can bring all the points home


29/1/2018 4:43 PM  #5

Re: Scott Twine

Are you sure Poole game on tomorrow, nothing on National South fixture list for tomorrow


29/1/2018 6:14 PM  #6

Re: Scott Twine

Sorry; am I misunderstanding something? A Swindon Town fringe player not getting in the Chippenham first eleven?
Didn't know we were that good?


29/1/2018 6:20 PM  #7

Re: Scott Twine

Great signing MC,saw Will at Evesham on Saturday chatting to manager, not aware of his fitness situation though.


29/1/2018 6:56 PM  #8

Re: Scott Twine

Great news!


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