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13/9/2022 10:37 AM  #1

Hampton Richmond.

Hampton have had a slow start,  2 nil win for us tonight. 


13/9/2022 8:19 PM  #2

Re: Hampton Richmond.

25 minutes, 1-0 down. 😫


13/9/2022 9:51 PM  #3

Re: Hampton Richmond.

Game over, lost 1-0.


13/9/2022 10:35 PM  #4

Re: Hampton Richmond.

Referee 1-0 Chippenham sadly. A real case of officials making a big difference. A penalty at one end, two turned down at the other with an excuse offered by a professional ref no less that “You were pissing me off so I didn’t give it”. A real look into officials needed at the level. Be bad at your job by all means, but be consistent for both sides. Blatant robbery tonight in London however, we move to Saturday off the back of a good performance and hopefully progression to the next round of the Cup


14/9/2022 8:46 AM  #5

Re: Hampton Richmond.

Seemed from the radio commentary similar to the previous 2 games. Slow starters,  go a goal behind then . Offered little threat in the final third and relying on the officials to help us out.


14/9/2022 8:52 AM  #6

Re: Hampton Richmond.

Will Henry obviously had a very good game, defending not our problem, goals are but expect that to change on Saturday. We know officials are not great, but we’ve done ok out of them so far, certainly at home. 

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