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02/3/2021 9:51 AM  #1

Season Tickets

Glad to see the club mention season ticket holders and to reassure us that they honour the offer made a while ago for a 25% discount on next year's season ticket. I think we all want a solvent club that we hope can visit again in the summer and I'm certainly happy to let mine for 20/21 to be considered a donation, but know that others may not want to or feel able to afford to especially in these crazy times.

I did wonder if the club could set up a charitable trust fund that the non-refunded 20/21 season ticket proceeds could effectively be considered donations into and request donors sign up for gift aid against the individual amounts paid. That generates another 25% of income. I believe it is possible to apply for gift aid retrospectively but am certainly not an expert on tax etc. Just thought it might be worth someone exploring this if its not already been considered and rejected


02/3/2021 12:25 PM  #2

Re: Season Tickets

I'm happy for my 2020/21 season ticket money to be kept I thought the wording of the statement was a bit odd "In this context, it has come to our ears that one or two fans have apparently elected to allow the cost of their season ticket to be regarded as a donation to the Club and it would be remiss of the Board if we did not show our appreciation." Nobody from the club has asked me whether I would want to waive the  2020/21 payment but as I have said I am happy to do so.  I'm not sure what the point of making this statement was. I would imagine the club are hoping very few if any actually want a refund but they are I guess duty bound to offer one.


02/3/2021 2:08 PM  #3

Re: Season Tickets

I still can’t decide whether to donate my season ticket refund to the club - we did buy them knowing that we may not see too many games this season but thought we would see more than 1 though. It may have been easier if we were offered a free ticket for next year or I would have been happy to have a half price ticket for the next 2 seasons. Another option would be to donate 50% and use the other 50% towards next years ticket.


03/5/2021 10:42 AM  #4

Re: Season Tickets

Given the season starts on 14th August 2021, anyone aware of when the 21-22 season tickets are being made available and how we claim our discount?

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06/5/2021 7:11 AM  #5

Re: Season Tickets

From the statement which I don't think is particularly clear it seems there is no 25% discount now, season ticket holders for 2020/21 can use the money for a 2021/22 ticket, or waive this an donate to the club. I think this is the case anyway. 


06/5/2021 11:17 AM  #6

Re: Season Tickets

As long as you didn't ask for a refund you can ask Derek to transfer your 2020/21 season ticket to 2021/22 at no charge.


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