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26/11/2020 8:02 PM  #11

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

I think you’ve answered your own question as the word take-away means take-away. You are still in the football ground so you haven’t taken it away.


26/11/2020 8:40 PM  #12

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

Maybe we should just sell coffee then......Irish coffee 😜


27/11/2020 11:32 AM  #13

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

Sadly, we have always had some crazy rules regarding alcohol and the council restrictions surrounding the sale of alcohol in outdoor areas of the club, personally I think you could easily get away with creating a "Beer Garden" style area quite similar to that of Chesham were the pour out onto what appears to be the terraces but they claim is a "Beer Garden" 

Yes, it's a sad fact that financially we are better off without supporters but it's not a long term plan and never would have been considered as one, we need our fans, we need football back. If nothing else but to give the lads something to gee them up a bit and give us that extra run, that extra goal. Looking forward to tomorrow against Concord, could well be a great chance to pick up a much needed three with a very tricky game against Hampton on Tuesday. 


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