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26/11/2020 1:00 PM  #1

Restrictions for Tier 2

I've just read on the Wiltshire Gazette website that Wiltshire and Swindon have been put in Tier 2 by the Government, which means we will be able to welcome back 50% of our approx. capacity of 3,000 back to HP - yippee ! However, what the restriction also states is that bars and pubs will only be allowed to open if they can serve alcohol with a substantial meal, which means our wonderful new Clubhouse will probably not be able to open. This ruling comes into effect from 02/12/2020, so no spectators for the home game this Saturday against Concord Rangers.


26/11/2020 3:07 PM  #2

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

This to me opens up a couple of questions that the club may want to find the answer too, sooner rather than later. 

- With the current set up of the bar (for those who haven't seen it, very spacious and seating areas are more than ample), would it be to provide a substantial meal with alcohol? 

- What quantifies as a "Substantial Meal" are we talking two courses with a pudding here or a basic meal option that could start as small as a Breville out back to make Cheese Toasties?

Personally I think the bar, catering facilities and whatnot, need to be utilized straight away. Whilst we can now have supporters back and that is amazing, we are going to be losing the funding of 30K a month and ticket prices alone will not be able to cover that. To put it in perspective. We have a capacity of 1500 spectators at home fixtures. In some 25 years of supporting CTFC, I think I can recall a handful of times we have ever hit that mark. So it's highly unlikely that during a period of uncertainty we will now consistently. Even if we did hit that mark the absolute maximum we can generate per home fixture on ticket prices alone is 1500 x £13 (and this is not inclusive of "Non-Paying" spectators, directors, staff, people that need to be accounted for in the numbers) = £19,500 per game. Which seems a lot but not every entrant is going to be a full paying adult. We have children and concessions in there as well which drastically takes the number down. If we work on average attendance, Chippenham gets 667 spectators on average every home fixture. Again if we work on those numbers paying full price, tickets numbers alone only generate an income per game of £8671 per match. Again with the kiddies and concessions including in those numbers we can expect that income to be much lower. The 30K a month grant has only really covered cost and allowed us to stay afloat, regardless of what people think it costs to run the club and what our playing budget is, we are not suddenly flush with cash from the recent grant and without a steady stream of revenue coming in once the grant has been removed, it will be worrying times for those who love the club and bleed blue and white. 

It is imperative we do all we can as supporters now to do as much as possible to ensure the games are well supported, that as a club we have the faculty to make money via catering, hospitality etc and with any luck this could be the return to normality we have all been praying for. Those in charge at the club will have already cemented their places in the legacy of this football club for many years to come with the testing times faced by Neil and his board during this pandemic. But I am really hoping this is the news we have all been sitting around waiting for. 

Looking forward to hopefully seeing you all back at the TS Stadium for our home game against Bath City, couldn't ask for a better game to come back to really could we


26/11/2020 3:27 PM  #3

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

I wouldn't get so carried away about getting 1,500 crammed into HP yet... I think there's something about "socially distanced capacity" too so it may be closer to 1,000 or less


26/11/2020 3:45 PM  #4

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

Oh I highly doubt we will see 1500, that's my point. Without the other aspects of the club being able to function as normal, we will find ourselves in a very bitter sweet situation. Chippenham have done fantastically with the Covid situation at the ground in the absence of fans, this is a new challenge but I am very confident that our Covid Officer will have gone into great lengths and detail to ensure as many fans can return safely. 


26/11/2020 4:10 PM  #5

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

If club house is not allowed ,couldn't we be given half the grant to cover the short fall.
They can't expect a club to run with limited facilities.


26/11/2020 5:05 PM  #6

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

And away supporters are not permitted to attend games.


26/11/2020 5:18 PM  #7

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

Maybe we could create an ‘outside’ drinking area in the top corner of the ground and run a takeaway bar. Open before, after and at half time.

That said I’d happily pay the additional price of a pint on top of the normal entrance fee just to watch some live football at the moment.

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26/11/2020 7:18 PM  #8

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

Wellard wrote:

Maybe we could create an ‘outside’ drinking area in the top corner of the ground and run a takeaway bar. Open before, after and at half time.

If we weren’t allowed to drink outside pre COVID. What makes you think we can drink outside now. Crackers


26/11/2020 7:24 PM  #9

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

Ironic at the moment we are better off financially without fans than with them.


26/11/2020 7:26 PM  #10

Re: Restrictions for Tier 2

Ah yes good point my mistake, just trying to think of ways to help.
Odd that Costa can do takeaways but not pubs. The Ale pub in station hill was offering bottled takeaways is that not allowed now? Don’t see the difference myself

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