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19/8/2020 5:00 PM  #1

Melksham (Away)


It’s finally here, after much deliberation and what seems like an eternity, Chippenham fans can finally attend a match should they so wish this Saturday at Melksham Town FC..

One thing that must be noted is that the game is TICKET ONLY, this is due to the Covid restrictions on capacity I believe and tickets are available for purchase at Melksham Town FC on either Thursday or Friday.

Whilst this may seem overkill, if this is the way to allow fans back into grounds then it seems a small drop in the water. I’m sure the website and the socials will be updates with details shortly if not already..


20/8/2020 3:34 PM  #2

Re: Melksham (Away)

All - I collected 2 tickets from Melksham earlier this afternoon for Saturday's friendly, and the crowd limit advised by Darren Perrin, their Chairman, is 290 ! Hurry up and buy your ticket(s) if you want to watch The Bluebirds - office open until 8pm this evening, then open again tomorrow if they have any tickets left !


20/8/2020 5:39 PM  #3

Re: Melksham (Away)

What price Tony ?


20/8/2020 6:14 PM  #4

Re: Melksham (Away)

£12..bit steep for friendly but times are hard.


20/8/2020 9:35 PM  #5

Re: Melksham (Away)

Video highlights will be available, that’ll do the job.


20/8/2020 10:29 PM  #6

Re: Melksham (Away)

Reginald74 - Adults £12 as stated - OAP's £8 - Agreed pricing on the high side, but I need my live football fix - I could not get my head round those live Premiership games a few weeks ago - the piped in crowd noise was awful I thought. I understand the squad is shaping up nicely, so we will see for ourselves on Saturday - COYMB


21/8/2020 6:48 AM  #7

Re: Melksham (Away)

8 for a local friendly and fitness workout a little steep for me, video for me.


21/8/2020 1:18 PM  #8

Re: Melksham (Away)

£12 is a bit steep for a friendly but given non league clubs haven't had any money in for five months I don't begrudge them that, am happy to support local football.


21/8/2020 2:58 PM  #9

Re: Melksham (Away)

To enable average players to be paid.


22/8/2020 8:30 PM  #10

Re: Melksham (Away)

An enjoyable game this afternoon, but marred by a serious knee injury to George Rigg, who had to be carried off on a stretcher after colliding with teammate Spencer Hamilton, who was mortified and looked extremely upset after the incident. Lets hope the injury does not keep George out for too long. I thought the new guys figured well, with Pratty and Marlon Jackson looking a threat in the first half. Pratty was put through for the opening goal of the game. Wholesale changes at half time saw trialists being used, and Chris Zebrowski coming on for Pratty. My first impressions of the new squad ? I think we lack height if I'm honest. We all know most teams at NLS level have tall players who can play at bit as well, and I would have thought with this in mind, the Manager would have gone for a big, powerful central defender. Melksham's equaliser came from the spot, so all things considered 1-1 was probably about right.


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