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01/8/2020 9:03 PM  #1

Renewed Optimism

After watching Weymouth today climb to the summit of Non League football, I had a few thoughts. Firstly that of congratulations to the Terras, to get promoted from this league is a real achievement and I sure will miss our visits to the Bob Lucas but, fair play to them.

Then my thoughts turned to us. We played Weymouth once this season, a draw in which I felt we were unlucky not to get all three points. At that time if you had told me that squad was winning promotion I would have laughed so hard they may have heard me back in Dorset but here we are. A staunch reminder that consistent results and a little luck can really change a club forever.

The results under Cook were nothing if not consistent, winning games and looking very hard to beat and we pulled up tremendously before Covid derailed our season. If we can achieve this consistency from the off next season, who knows.. Dartford were 4th bottom when King took over, their run took them to a penalty shootout away from National League Premier next season.

So may I be the first to register my optimism that given a good start and keeping that momentum going dare we dream that next season playoffs could be a target that’s within our grasp. A few more additions to the squad and we look strong. The loan market will again be crucial and at this point having 4 coaches with links to the game at the tail end of the football league could prove vital to Chippenham. With no relegation and only Ebbsfleet it would seem coming into the Division from above, next season could arguably be anyone’s to claim with no clear cut favourite for the title...

Great things happening off the pitch and with the Chairman vocal about our chances for the upcoming season. Dare we dream, come on Chippenham, make us dream again...


02/8/2020 11:42 AM  #2

Re: Renewed Optimism

Great positivity Voice. We actually beat Weymouth 1-0 with Chris Zebroski scoring his first goal for the Bluebirds. The League have not announced how next season will work but I suspect that they will look to implement what they were intending for 2019-2020 i.e. increase the NS to 24 for the following season meaning only two teams will be relegated in 2020-2021, unless we run with 21 clubs then only one would be relegated.


03/8/2020 3:07 PM  #3

Re: Renewed Optimism

I actually thought Weymouth were the best team I've seen all season at Hardenhuish. It was a draw like you say Voice but we could have easily won the game. The were good but we matched them.

EDIT : as mentioned below, we won 1-0. 24th August. All the August games merge into one.

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03/8/2020 3:07 PM  #4

Re: Renewed Optimism

Cor, I had no idea! Genuinely thought that game ended 1-1 for some reason?!? Must be my head going in my increasing age lol.

Absolutely excellent business today to secure Luke Russe on a permanent contract for the upcoming season.. can hardly believe our luck there!

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