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06/5/2020 9:17 AM  #1

Bluebirds best day out

Where were you 20years ago today?Was it the bluebirds greatest achievement?Or the best day out for the fans?Any thoughts


06/5/2020 11:13 AM  #2

Re: Bluebirds best day out

I was there. You could tell the stadium was about to be pulled down but it was still a great day out. In my opinion the Bluebird's greatest achievement is winning the SPL with a record points tally. 


06/5/2020 12:14 PM  #3

Re: Bluebirds best day out

The best day out, the greatest achievement until then, priceless in terms of publicity and the springboard for what was to come.  Put us right on the map.  What is forgotten sometimes is the brilliant performance the following week in the LP Cup Final against the western leagues top team, Taunton.  They won the league by a country mile (I think we were 4th and 31 points behind them?).  An early goal down we played brilliantly winning 2-1.  Not many teams would have done that so soon after losing at Wembley.  They deserved that.


06/5/2020 3:53 PM  #4

Re: Bluebirds best day out

Nothing will beat a day at Wembley, maybe winning it. Glorious day for the club. Biggest achievement SPL, Champions.


06/5/2020 6:22 PM  #5

Re: Bluebirds best day out

Family left Chippenham early morning and straight to Wembley up the M4.  Blue and White all up the M4 and at the Wembley. It was a great atmoshpere inside Wembely.

The match was at stalemate until Roly Graham or whatever his name was scored with a screamer, still didn't stop you feeling sick as a dog as it was only minutes to play.   Noise from the Chippenham fans inside and outside the ground was incredible. you would have thought Chippenham won with the noise being created.  Driving home we drove past a coach full of deal fans that had broke down on the circular,  and a coach load of Chippenham fans drive past cheering... (so did I).   Was a long drive home.

The next day in the town centre was awesome,  was not expecting that.   20 years ago, wow.  A week later we were at the LP Cup FInal in Mangotsfield,  that was a very special day.  The Club has come a long way in 20 years,  long may it continue.

Have been back to the new Wembley on many occasions,  its just not the same place.   14,000 Chippenham fans made more noise on the Afternoon,  thay you hear at Wembley these days.


07/5/2020 2:30 PM  #6

Re: Bluebirds best day out

I remember it well. Having been born and bred in Chippenham the thing that struck me about the day was just how many old friends I saw there before,during or after the game. Also lots of faces I recognised as being from Chippenham who I couldn't have put names to. The town must have been empty that day!

As for the game I remember us as the better team on the day but we got caught with a late (very good) goal against the run of play.

Definitely qualifies for the title 'Bluebirds best day out' in my opinion.


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