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16/4/2020 10:01 AM  #1

Retained List

In an attempt to start some conversation on here as its all gone very quiet, lets discuss next season. Blank canvass, assume that know one is on a contract and all would want to stay.
Assume that our Loans, Russe, Foulston, Haines and Twine would return to parent club.

1) Who would you keep
2) Who would you let go
3) Who would you want to join? Be sensible given our budget (can include Loan players)

Here's my attempt.
1) Puddy, Tyler, Parselle, McDonald, Gunner, Rigg, Bray, Zeb, Jarvis,
2) Pratt - Didn't do enough for me, lost pace and probably commands a decent wage. Hopper - Enough said!!
3) Haines, Russe, Twine and Foulston I welcome back on decent loans if we could. Thought Russe and Twine were superb in the last few games. Although seems unlikely they'll be back.
We do need some fire power up front, that is clear to see, Stearn not getting game time at Bath...could be an option.
Could also do with some height at the back, a creative midfielder.
Will we see a few guys from Oxford/Gloucester?

Didn't see enough of Case, Self to make a judgement.


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17/4/2020 11:02 AM  #2

Re: Retained List

Can't argue with the retained list but I get the feeling the whole landscape of non-league football will have changed by the time we get to see some action again.  The way things are at the moment I wouldn't be surprised if that's not until the kids have finished eating their 'trick or treat' sweets


19/4/2020 8:09 PM  #3

Re: Retained List

2) Luke Hopper. I know he's not everybody's favourite but he has scored three goals this season.
One against Billericay in the league (home) albeit a penalty
One against Cirencester in the FA Cup (away)
One against Concord Rangers in the league (away)

As I said, he's not everybody's favourite, but he was always on the bench so when he did come on I thought he done Ok.


04/5/2020 4:15 PM  #4

Re: Retained List

Nat Jarvis has left the club- great player and leaves us pretty weak up front


04/5/2020 6:56 PM  #5

Re: Retained List

Weak up front for what? 😂


04/5/2020 9:22 PM  #6

Re: Retained List

Step fwd Marlon Jackson


09/5/2020 10:50 AM  #7

Re: Retained List

Curtis McDonald will be a miss as he was when injured, right footed centre back urgently needed, time we start playing again Will will be back from Oz. 


12/5/2020 4:43 PM  #8

Re: Retained List

Has Curtis left then?

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12/5/2020 5:31 PM  #9

Re: Retained List

Wellard wrote:

Has Curtis left then?

According to club website.


12/5/2020 9:59 PM  #10

Re: Retained List

Ah missed that, so Jarvis, Hopper and Mcdonald all gone.

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