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30/3/2020 5:51 PM  #1

Possible changes to the Leagues

Over 60 clubs from step 3 to 6 have written to the FA requesting the FA reverse their decision to expunge their results - presumably to allow promotion/relegation to take place either on current placing or points per game.

if the FA dismiss this request there may still be a change to National South in the following way.

It has been suggested (probably by Barrow) that they are ‘voted’ into the EFL to replace Bury.
Should that go ahead the National League would either run one short next season or promote one club from National North or South. Apart from tossing a coin the most likely way to decide this would be points earned per game which would see Wealdstone promoted.

The knock on affect would mean one club from the four step 3 leagues would be promoted and on points per game that would be Truro.

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