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16/3/2020 7:28 PM  #1

It’s Official..

Well, with that news it seems that our season may well be coming to a confusing and rather sad end given the performances and momentum of late.

However, everything aside, the health and well being of you buggers is the most important thing and I just want to wish every single one of you a safe period of time in which we won’t be rubbing shoulders.

No matter our differences and there are definitely some of those, we are all Chippenham and the safety of the supporters and the staff, players and board is obviously what matters most. Gonna be a struggle with no football to occupy us so we might have to find other things to argue about but one thing it shouldn’t be is whether we have to risk sickness. Everyone follow guidelines, be sensible and look out for each other, no head butting people for the last bog roll in Morrisons and see you all very soon.



16/3/2020 10:49 PM  #2

Re: It’s Official..

If you can afford it and want to help the club with cashflow, buy next year's season ticket now ASAP


17/3/2020 10:17 AM  #3

Re: It’s Official..

What a fantastic idea Newfan!!

Any other ways that we can think of as Supporters during this exceptionally difficult time for the club especially with the uncertainty would be much appreciated I am sure.


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