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16/3/2020 7:08 PM  #11

Re: National League Meeting -

Space Raider wrote:

TheVoice wrote:

In a crazy turn of events the workers have started to finish and come home to the Forum and NO is now is a 54% lead in a vote that thus far has 28 people registered! Cannot promise if this poll gets anymore popular I won't start selling details on to 3rd party telemarketers! ;) 

Mate public opinion is really not relevant in something like this. Almost none of us are experts in this field.

PM has just now advised against social contact and non essential travel which surely confirms league suspension, but it was obviously inevitable anyway.

Would hazard a guess that there are some on here better equipped in terms of brain power than old Boris ;) anyway, seems with the statement that’s it for us. Football banned, but let’s keep schools and colleges/universities open.. doesn’t know his arse from his elbow this Eton spawned prune


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