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13/3/2020 5:12 PM  #11

Re: Play Suspended

Hey, as long as no one coughs in my general direction I am sweet.


13/3/2020 8:03 PM  #12

Re: Play Suspended

The government  hasn’t banned mass events. Bath Half Marathon is going ahead so why would we cancel?
Plus there is a statement on the website, Twitter feed post 3 hours ago.
Plenty of time to inform travelling fans.

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13/3/2020 8:32 PM  #13

Re: Play Suspended

At the moment the government is leaving it to individual organisers/organisations. London and Manchester marathons have been postponed until the autumn for example.
Very much looking forward to the game tomorrow, not just testing ourselves against the leaders but grateful that the game is going ahead...…...probably the last one for some time.

Interested in what the attendance might be, will we gain from all the other games around us being off or will people stay away because of the bug?


14/3/2020 11:45 AM  #14

Re: Play Suspended

I'm happy it's going ahead first game in two months

We can all be sensible and careful now can't we.
Wash hands frequently before and after game will be a good start.


14/3/2020 7:53 PM  #15

Re: Play Suspended

Best game  I have seen at Chippenham since fa cup against Slough.Good to see everybody giving 100%.Certainly deserved one point on another day could of got all three.A game of two halves,we were much the better team in the first half,but Wealdstone up their game in second half.Great to see a big crowd with a good atmosphere.Look forward to the next game whenever that may be.


14/3/2020 11:11 PM  #16

Re: Play Suspended

Revealed in post match interview Gunner and Self absent with "flu like symptoms"


16/3/2020 3:39 PM  #17

Re: Play Suspended

Ironic that Mike cook has just started to get the team playing well, results looking good, moving up the league now this.
The wealdstone game seemed pointless getting up for it, knowing that all football is shutting down.
May as well bring in the bulldozer and start on the club house.


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