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15/3/2020 8:29 PM  #11

Re: Wealdstone (Home)

I’ve got a lot of time for Zeb.  He’s had a long professional career and has never been prolific goalscorer but he knows how to lead the line.  I thought he was outstanding yesterday.  A shame he didn’t quite have the pace to keep ahead of their defender when through on goal in the first half, but he is about 35!  His physical presence kept their central defenders occupied right until the final whistle, they knew they’d been in a game.


16/3/2020 10:51 AM  #12

Re: Wealdstone (Home)

Very hard to find fault with anyone and their performance on Saturday amongst the backdrop of a very strange atmosphere. Buoyed by games off around us, a crowd of 1062 watched the Bluebirds grab what could be a real telling point in the grand scheme of things, although many would argue the visitors were the "grabbers" in this situation with Chippenham being somewhat dominant in terms of chances and over a longer period of time throughout the game. 

I thought in the first half, there was only one team in the contest, one team and as so often the case, one official! The referee looked absolutely determined that he wasn't making any big decisions on this occasion almost seeming to scared to make a big call. Three real moments in the first half (aside from the goal) that could have turned the game all thrown out by the referee. Twiners penalty attempt, not sure, Scott has used his body well and absorbed the contact, on just the strength of contact alone, I wouldn't have given in, but the fact he has come through the back of Scott as opposed to being shoulder to shoulder makes it a penalty! The first handball was fired into far too many bodies but our lads were convinced, me not so much, the second however from the resulting cross, the full back nearly caught it! How the referee and the linesman dugout side have missed this is beyond me. We could arguably have gone into the half time talk 3/4-0 and that would have been one hell of a different situation, alas, 1-0 it was. The goal itself was very well taken with the "Dangerous all Day" Alex Bray once again recycling the ball and putting in a dangerous ball with Scott Twine waiting gratefully at the back stick with a nice touch and a very clever finish past Oxborough in the Wealdstone goal. 

Second half has a little more (as expected) competitive with Wealdstone players ears still ringing from DB audible from the main stand team talk. The goal for Wealdstone kind of looked like it was coming, they were looking dangerous and working their patterns well for about 5-10 minutes prior to Efete knocking the ball home for 1-1. After that Wealdstone had the ball in the net again where poor officiating for a change, saved Chippenham. A quick free kick that we were not lively to, ruled out for an offside that absolutely wasn't in any way, shape or form. Watch the highlights, watch it in slow motion if needs be. But, Emmanuel is behind even the kick taker when his run starts and miles onside when the ball is kicked. He tucked the ball past Puddy and the linesman rules out for offside completely incorrectly. 

After that, again Chippenham seized momentum and toward the end genuinely looked like that winner was coming. Sadly with chances for Twine, Zebroski and Pratt we weren't able to get it over the line and the whistle blows for that most beautiful of feelings... Disappointment over only drawing with the League Leaders. Hard pushed to find a "Man of the Match" for this one but a few players really stood out for me Saturday. Jay Foulston was magnificent down the left and didn't put a foot wrong but just edging Jay for me was his opposite flank and Mr Rhys Tyler. Just fantastic all day, strong in the tackle, really seems to grasp the play from the back system that Cook has installed, great wing play, incredible blocks to deny two clear goals. Just an absolute machine against his old side. 

So what happens now? The truth is no one really knows but it is increasingly likely that CTFC are done for the foreseeable as the country fights against the threat of Covid-19. Personally I would like to see the season continue, I fear for the clubs who cannot survive without the revenue and people of course have the ability to stay away as their own responsibility of care to themselves and others. I guess we are all a little in the dark at the moment about this however, should be find ourselves playing this weekend against Billericay, I shall see you there! 

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