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08/3/2020 8:26 PM  #1

Sammy Allison

I thought I recognised the fourth official at STFC yesterday. He was dealing with a particularly irate Richie Welles’s. It was ‘one of  our own’ Samuel (Sammy) Allison. A great player and very popular guy with Chippenham fans. At a time when referees are under scrutiny, its great news that we at last have an ex-player coming in to refereeing! It can only be a matter of time before Sammy is the man in the middle!


08/3/2020 8:38 PM  #2

Re: Sammy Allison

Was also the 4th official for our 1st Round FA Cup game against Northampton.


08/3/2020 9:22 PM  #3

Re: Sammy Allison

Also saw him referee a game at Torquay United many years ago whilst on holiday.


09/3/2020 9:35 AM  #4

Re: Sammy Allison

Wellens had every right to be irate - that was a stone wall penalty the referee missed.  He completely lost control for 10 minutes in the second half,  I did chuckle when I saw Sammy trying to talk his way out of that one.


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