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07/3/2020 11:42 PM  #1


I read today that one of the measures to stop the spread within sporting events is to ban over 70s from Football matches.

If that happens this clubs in big trouble !!


08/3/2020 12:29 AM  #2

Re: Coronavirus

Perhaps you’ll stay away and no more negativity 😂😂


08/3/2020 12:09 PM  #3

Re: Coronavirus

Go and buy some more toilet roll.

Want a bare knuckle fight? I'll knock you out you Cnut.

08/3/2020 5:36 PM  #4

Re: Coronavirus

It won't happen at our level. What are they going to do? Ask for ID at the gate? No, it'll be for the FA to decide whether or not games are played behind closed doors, if they're played at all. 
It has to get as bad as Italy over here before anything will change and even then, it'll probably be near the end of the season before a decision is made. 


08/3/2020 8:44 PM  #5

Re: Coronavirus

I wouldn't be so complacent - Italy went from not having many cases to having games postponed/behind closed doors within a couple weeks.


09/3/2020 11:07 AM  #6

Re: Coronavirus

At the end of the day, if you are poorly, stay away, if you are concerned about the virus, stay away, if you are an elderly person or someone who could find themselves in severe danger when exposed, stay away. If you are none of these things I will see you Saturday ;) 


17/3/2020 12:17 AM  #7

Re: Coronavirus

One of the problems about talking up old folk being at risk, is that we forget the young folk. Yes,the risk of complications is lower, but having watched my 26 year old wife lapse into pneumonia following seasonal flu and then wondering if she would wake up, then one is well advised to be cautious, no matter what the age.

Want a bare knuckle fight? I'll knock you out you Cnut.

17/3/2020 10:18 AM  #8

Re: Coronavirus

All the very best to your lovely wife then RP and hope that she is taking care in these rather worrying times. And of course everyone stay safe! 


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