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13/2/2020 5:01 PM  #1

Karnell Chambers -

Strange one this. A tweet from BBC Wiltshire Sport has confirmed that Chippenham Town FC have suspended Karnell Chambers over FA offences involving gambling on football matches. Both CTFC and the player have yet to make an official comment but it would seem that Karnell will certainly not feature in Chippenham's home fixture against Maidstone. 

I am sure like the majority of supporters we stand with our player and hope that this can be sorted as soon as possible so Karnell can get back to what he does best. 


13/2/2020 5:26 PM  #2

Re: Karnell Chambers -

And what about standing by the football club. I hope this isn’t true but players know the rules and the club are only doing the right thing


13/2/2020 5:33 PM  #3

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Cor you are an antagonistic little bugger you aren't you  

Last time I checked Karnell was a contracted player to the football club and therefore by standing with him as a CTFC player, that is supporting the football club? 

There is no divide between the club and the playing staff and nobody is insinuating that if this is the case the club haven't done the right thing. It's standard business practise to suspend during an investigation process in any walk of life and football is no different, the club have done exactly the right thing. But seeing you seem so adamant that supporting a player accused of wrong doing is going against the club in someway, perhaps you would like to enlighten me as to why that is? 

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13/2/2020 5:43 PM  #4

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Let’s hope the club support and help the player as they have done with Mike Cook’s error of judgement. 


13/2/2020 6:54 PM  #5

Re: Karnell Chambers -

A difficult one cos anything gambling related might involve an addiction issue and he needs support if this is the case, but the rules are known by all football players/staff - if he was suspended for violent conduct would we stand by him as unreservedly?


13/2/2020 7:13 PM  #6

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Ask James Guthrie.


13/2/2020 8:03 PM  #7

Re: Karnell Chambers -

He will be sacked. If what I hear is true then he is doomed and won’t play Football for a long time.

With him clearly not being part of Cooks plans, the club will use this opportunity to terminate his contract.  Frees up some more money!! 😂


13/2/2020 8:21 PM  #8

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Agreed. Board as normal will use to their advantage.


13/2/2020 11:02 PM  #9

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Funny how rumours on here about Zebroski's past were quickly jumped on and deleted by the club but not with this 🤔


13/2/2020 11:17 PM  #10

Re: Karnell Chambers -

Maybe not part of Cook's plans, but he will be missed,
Our 3rd goal at home to Slough in the cup shows what he is capable of..


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