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07/2/2020 11:58 AM  #11

Re: Mike Cook banned

Cyclists are a bunch of tw@ts anyway - think they own the road. After this though, perhaps I should change my name... Caution contains appalling language...

Want a bare knuckle fight? I'll knock you out you Cnut.

07/2/2020 12:02 PM  #12

Re: Mike Cook banned

Ronnie Pickering wrote:

Cyclists are a bunch of tw@ts anyway - think they own the road. After this though, perhaps I should change my name... Caution contains appalling language...

Genuinely given the situation, your comment was literally the one I was on the edge of my seat waiting for lol! I am so glad you attached the video as well


07/2/2020 12:45 PM  #13

Re: Mike Cook banned

But seriously...

MC got his punishment from the prescribed sources, we the mob, should put our pitchforks away. The odds were on that if his defence failed he would be banned and the board presumably were aware/took this into account.
I'd bet every last one of us has flipped behind the wheel of a vehicle, and some years back, i myself decided to take out an FA cup exit frustration on the pub noticeboard proclaiming congratulations to our conquerers. swerving onto the frontage I aimed the courtesy car (mine was already damaged) at the notice board, but thankfully the red mist rescinded and i opted not to ram it. Shame really, but probably the right decision.
Just an example - I'm sure you have your own.

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Want a bare knuckle fight? I'll knock you out you Cnut.

07/2/2020 12:59 PM  #14

Re: Mike Cook banned

Oh lord well lets hope you haven't been behind the wheel in the last two games then, As being battered 5-1 and 5-2 wouldnt of helped your road rage!!  



07/2/2020 2:50 PM  #15

Re: Mike Cook banned

nigel_Blue wrote:

I have been watching my local side since 2015 when I can as much as I can, I don't get involved in the politics, I don't get too high about the highs and certainly don't get to low about the lows however I feel this is the final straw and quite frankly outrageous how people can justify what has happened at this football club in the last 3 months. The Chairman stated one of the reasons for Colliers Sacking was due to ill Discipline. Now we have a management who scream at the players and officials with the most outrageous language at a so-called family club, I am not silly enough to think this doesn't happen in football however this is why we don't see behind closed doors, uses this language in the changing rooms!!

We now have a manager who has been charged with using his car as a weapon, Come on for crying out loud, If any of you read this about a Joe Bloggs in the paper you wouldn't condone and would be horrified.

Since the change we have played four, DREW 2 LOST 2, Had a member of the management sent off and now the manager himself has been in paper for this...

As I type this, I still feel annoyed at myself for getting involved in the nonsense which I read on here, however. Cant beat them join them.

Well said Nigel Blue. 
As you are only saying what a lot of people that follow the club are thinking, there is no need to feel annoyed with yourself. It's a fans forum so keep posting.


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07/2/2020 5:43 PM  #16

Re: Mike Cook banned

My guess is that the board knew nothing about this when Cook was appointed.

It’s not exactly what you might read on someone’s CV and frankly anyone who thinks it’s ok to use their car as a weapon is not exactly going to be open and honest about their past.

MCs past has nothing necessarily to do with his potential success as the Chippenham manager, however clearly it provides an insight into the man.

I predict that his tenure will be short lived and let’s hope the club comes through this rocky period and remains in the league we’re in!

Good luck tomorrow at Hemel lads!!


07/2/2020 5:57 PM  #17

Re: Mike Cook banned

Sorry to disappoint you Silver but you doom merchants have got it wrong again! I understand that Mike was open and honest with the Board during his interview and they knew all about his pending court appearance and what arrangements he had in place should he face a driving ban.
What don't you join the majority of true Bluebird fans (who don't contribute or even read the Fans Forum) and support the Board, Management Team and most importantly the Team as they strive to retain their place in National League South!!!


07/2/2020 6:08 PM  #18

Re: Mike Cook banned

Sorry Chippy, can you write with some kind of grammatical correctness as it’s difficult to decipher what you are saying otherwise?


07/2/2020 6:26 PM  #19

Re: Mike Cook banned

Silver it's quite simple: you claimed the Board knew nothing about Mikes upcoming court appearance and it's possible consequences. Well I happen to know you are WRONG. Hence my comments.
I, like the vast majority of Bluebird supporters, want "true" fans to get behind the team and concentrate on retaining our League status.


07/2/2020 6:27 PM  #20

Re: Mike Cook banned

You tell ‘em Derek!


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