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03/2/2020 1:12 PM  #1

Swindon Supermarine (Wilts Shield)

Well, after what can only be described as one of the most embarrassing performances so far in the National South, we should be heading into what is usually a relatively benign game against Swindon Supermarine in the Wiltshire Shield. The managers comments in the post match interview, strongly suggested that the team he plays would now have a more senior presence than the original plan to look at some academy players. 

Not sure how people are feeling about that but seems a little dangerous to me. Locked in the middle of a relegation battle and with crucial games coming up against Hemel, St Albans and Welling, surely 7 points from 9 here is the only minimum expectancy given that we have drawn with all three of these teams so far, coupled with the urgency of the situation regards the league position. Hemel were quite good at our place and probably worth a point but the other two, St Albans and Welling both outplayed and god knows how we didn't get 6 points from those games. If we are to stand any chance of staying in the National League South I feel both of these teams have to be put to the sword and risking players in a nothing game against Supermarine, well it's open to opinion but I think that could be very dangerous given how threadbare our squad is and how vital we keep everyone fit. 

Also the implications of taking a strong team to a side themselves chasing a National League South spot and doing well in the Southern Premier League at the moment for "confidence" could be a little short sighted. At the moment can we genuinely say that we are certain of taking our first team to Swindon Supermarine and beating them? It was only a season ago that we needed two games to get past them in the FA Cup and I would argue we were stronger as a side then and they are definitely stronger with additions being made to their squad and Spalding doing a cracking job at the helm it wouldn't be too beyond the realms of possibility for them to beat us. That won't do anyone any favours, confidence knocked, senior players risked in a game that in reality, even if we win, no one is going to be all that concerned with. 

Definitely an interesting one for the manager to ponder, be interested to know what fans think? 


03/2/2020 2:07 PM  #2

Re: Swindon Supermarine (Wilts Shield)

Interesting that Swindon next game is Taunton, promotion, play offs or Wilts Cup ? I expect to see changes from Sat on both sides. 3 - 1 Chippenham. Hopper Chambers Jarvis Haines Case to all start.



03/2/2020 3:07 PM  #3

Re: Swindon Supermarine (Wilts Shield)

Jarvis won't be back for Tuesday I wouldn't have thought Reginald.. Was doing light running and ball work on Saturday but very light and unless that physio has hands of magic I would imagine he would train Thursday and that will be his fitness test. Hopper, Chambers and Case will definitely all start, Haines if Swindon clear it will feature as well but that's on them. 

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03/2/2020 6:43 PM  #4

Re: Swindon Supermarine (Wilts Shield)

There’ll be some youngsters in the squad, nailed on.
Frome v Thatcham a much more attractive proposition.


03/2/2020 9:23 PM  #5

Re: Swindon Supermarine (Wilts Shield)

Insideleft wrote:

There’ll be some youngsters in the squad, nailed on.
Frome v Thatcham a much more attractive proposition.

Reason 1765 of why we have the worst supporters in the league.


03/2/2020 10:23 PM  #6

Re: Swindon Supermarine (Wilts Shield)



03/2/2020 10:26 PM  #7

Re: Swindon Supermarine (Wilts Shield)

Agree with inside left. 


03/2/2020 11:11 PM  #8

Re: Swindon Supermarine (Wilts Shield)

Looking forward to the short trip (for the second time this season) to the New Gerard Buxton Sports Ground.

See you all there.


04/2/2020 10:35 AM  #9

Re: Swindon Supermarine (Wilts Shield)

Will look forward to your report DB 😁


04/2/2020 10:57 AM  #10

Re: Swindon Supermarine (Wilts Shield)

Can't make it tonight. Hopefully we can smash them


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