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28/1/2020 4:21 PM  #1

Watch This Space...

Well Mike Cook said in his interview with Ian Longden that he would be looking to add to the squad in time for the game against Dartford FC on Saturday... 

The club I am sure will announce in due course but safe to say, much more than your average run of the mill Tuesday at Chippenham Town FC... 

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28/1/2020 5:09 PM  #2

Re: Watch This Space...

Luke Haines.


28/1/2020 7:40 PM  #3

Re: Watch This Space...

I’m really questioning the strategy of this football club. There is no doubt Luke was a good player for us but do we need another player in his position?

We now have x4 CF and x4 holding midfielders (Gunner, Rigg, Russ and Haines). That is 8 players to cover only 2 positions.  That’s half of our squad!!!

I’m aware they can do other jobs on the pitch but none of them really give us the attacking quality we need and are all naturally holding midfielders as first choice.


28/1/2020 8:27 PM  #4

Re: Watch This Space...

All agreed but the way we have looked in the new era it’s 451, emphasis on defending and not conceding and hoping we can find that goal that gives us the 3 points. Wingers and a no 10 was the managers wish and we should all expect those additions in sooner than later. Welcome back Luke by the way.


29/1/2020 10:28 AM  #5

Re: Watch This Space...

I think to be fair this is a decent move by the club. If we are going to be playing that 4-5-1 with a switch to 4-4-2 as the manager indicated last time out that he is looking to do, both formations allow for Haines and Russe to play in tandem. I think your key point there TFT is that both can play other roles on the pitch for example. I have seen Haines play a few times this season and I think he has been pigeon holed as a CDM but is as creative with a ball out wide as any midfielder I have seen and Russe looked very comfortable in the final third on Saturday against Havant so maybe it's get players that can do it all as opposed to a specialist in one area. 

Interesting read in the Gazette regarding his loan targets. Southampton, Exeter and Bristol Rovers all been spoken to about any potential loan moves, particularly the Southampton conversation intrigued me as it would any premier league club that we could be involved with as a potential link for younger players to learn the men's game. 

I think Pratty is going to be used as a Winger moving forward with his pace and awareness being put to use out wide and Karnell well, he's always been a winger in my eyes leaving Zebroski, Jarvis and Hopper to compete for the spots up top, personally I think it's Jarvis as Zeb is capable of playing out on the right and also would make a better impact sub among tired legs in my opinion but that's just my opinion.

Someone in now as a CAM someone just to sit behind the strikers and bring the wingers in or poke the ball into the channels and hit the box would be ideal. I think we are sorted at the back Puddy, Tyler, Curtis, Pars and Jay are a solid enough back line, we just need to work on scoring the goals now to give us the chance to win games of football. Here is hoping the next 3 days are big for announcements and that we can give ourselves a good start against a very in form Dartford side. 

Welcome back Hainer, my player of the season so far without shadow of a doubt, Puddy may have snuck in front of him with his absence this last month but now it's time to wrestle it back out of his hands and become a season long legend at Chippenham, definitely destined for bigger things than the NLS but a player that wants to be here, loves the club and it's supporters and from speaking with him yesterday is actually excited to back at Chippenham which is a big plus with a loan player. This isn't a holiday for him, this is his club and he will drag us up the table if needs be. 

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29/1/2020 6:02 PM  #6

Re: Watch This Space...

Would say we need a winger before an attacking mid- our only options there are 2 out of position strikers or Karnell (not been in good form recently). 

Gunner and Russe look okay going forward so wouldn't mind them 2 with Haines just behind them if we can't find a good, cheap attacking mid the likes of Owen-Evans or Whelan.

Also still think we need a big, right footed centre back, we likely concede all these late goals as teams tend go more direct late on, and with 2 pretty short centre backs no surprise we keep conceding.


30/1/2020 10:52 AM  #7

Re: Watch This Space...

Well, we were definitely in for Avery who signed for Weston I think that one is common knowledge by now and would have definitely fit the criteria for your solid centre back who is good in the air and can deal with it when it's on us late on. Sadly this didn't happen and for whatever reason we now need to dip back into the market to find someone who can do a job there. Personally I think Pars and Curtis are fine but we cannot argue the lack of height in the back four has cost us some big points this season and may do again. 

Tyler looks absolutely resurgent going forward at the moment and looks like he has a real point to prove, my thoughts with the Haines signing are simple, Hainer, Gunner and Russe hold the midfield three down, Pratt/Chambers shifts to the left wing and leaving at the moment Zebroski up top to battle for that place with Jarvis and potentially a new signing. Tyler on the right hand side of the midfield with a potential signing that can play on both LW and RW with maybe a creative midfielder to sign just to aid unlock defences when getting out wide and crossing in might not be prudent. 

If you account for the CB cover and I don't think they will with Case and Horton both an option, this is only 3 signings and the manager did state "a few more in" by the weekend. We know Hainer is back, a couple of lads trained with us on Tuesday, it would seem that Cook is piecing together the jigsaw for his own wants and with any luck it will give him a good shout of picking up points the way he wants. I would be happy with this particular POA and I don't think what will happen is too far away from the above. Or of course I could be plain wrong and we don't sign anyone but who knows. 

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30/1/2020 2:32 PM  #8

Re: Watch This Space...

Matt Bower has had his contract cancelled at Bath, you want height, well they don’t come much taller!!


30/1/2020 2:57 PM  #9

Re: Watch This Space...

Bower would be a good signing for me. Can't argue that he has the unteachable skills now let's hope that management are aware of this development as well. 

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30/1/2020 4:25 PM  #10

Re: Watch This Space...

Released by Weston and Bath, think we are better than that. 


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