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30/1/2020 9:14 PM  #21

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

Supporters club/trust, whatever it is decided to be called it is clear that people would love to be part of something. This is all very positive.

It would be great to all meet up and talk things through face to face and get some general points down on what people would want from a supporters club/trust.


30/1/2020 9:18 PM  #22

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

I can’t meet as you’ll find out who I am and you’ll be round my family like it’s Ed Woodward’s house.

Good luck to you though


30/1/2020 9:32 PM  #23

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

I would attend a meeting for sure, I think John Applegate would be only to pleased to pass over the baton, need to look forward and move forward with new ideas. 


30/1/2020 9:54 PM  #24

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

How about before or after the match on Saturday in the bar over a pint


30/1/2020 11:16 PM  #25

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

What’s the difference between a Supporters Trust and the Supporters Club who have, over the past 10 years, been raising thousands off pounds for the football club by holding monthly quizzes (which are still successful I believe), bingo, the lotto (which still brings in money)? Just asking.
Shame the bar has been closed on a Friday and Saturday night due to lack of support though.


31/1/2020 12:23 AM  #26

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

Two entirely different entities with different aims. A Trust is interested in the areas of ownership and governance of the football club, whereas a Supporters Club does the sort of excellent work you've mentioned.

No disrespect is intended to those who carry out vital functions on match days and raise lots of money for the Club.

Fans of clubs from the Premiership down want a proper line of communication between them and the owners. It's not about going to war with the board, it's about strengthening the bonds between the Club and its supporters.   


01/2/2020 10:50 PM  #27

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

Was there a meeting today ?!!!
If so what happened


02/2/2020 9:41 PM  #28

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

Not to my knowledge James.


03/2/2020 7:01 PM  #29

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

Everyone gone home at half time?


19/2/2020 9:26 PM  #30

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

It would be a shame to let this initiative fade away before its been properly explored.

Our attention at the moment is quite rightly focused on avoiding relegation. As soon as that's been achieved, perhaps we can kick-start the discussion again. 


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