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30/1/2020 8:52 AM  #11

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

Agree voice alone not enough, % with say.


30/1/2020 9:48 AM  #12

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

Yep not sure how the current board would feel about a supporters rep joining, or how much it would cost, but if it's an option then I would definitely be interested in supporting this.


30/1/2020 10:41 AM  #13

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

As it goes, I happen to know the minimum investment to be on the Board of Directors is £5,000 per year. What this actually gives you in terms of a Voice is unknown. It does however, give you a recognised vote in Boardroom situations, a lovely new tie and I think some refreshments before and during the game home and away. I have been in discussions with the Commercial Team over the last few months on Fundraising Matters etc. Maybe what we need here is a return of the traditional style Supporters Club? A fundraising, organised movement within the club that we could use as a platform to do good things for the Football Club, my childhood was spent being dragged along to these meetings by my parents and when the SC was hot, it was REALLY HOT. Who is to say we cannot graft this out amongst a few passionate bodies that care and make it great again, been a long time since my Membership Card for CTFCSC lived in my wallet.. 

Then maybe off the back of this, the SC could use any funds raised, should they be of the right amount minimum of course to "as a sort of collective" have a representative on the BOD. It used to be a Management Committee where more than enough members of the SC held rank anyway but now with things a little different this could be a refreshing way for not only supporters who desire to help the club get involved but also for the SC to help the supporters, support the club in the correct way. It used to be responsible for functions, coach travel, fundraising events, it used to be a big deal with Fanzines, media work and other stuff really making the contribution of a fan to the SC something far greater than a 50/50 ticket could reward you with. I have long since yearned for the days we had something like this, now maybe it seems with the right amount of fan weight behind it, we could re-establish that.. 

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30/1/2020 11:50 AM  #14

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

Talking to those who meet as a Commercial team it appears a complete waste of time, supporters club run by supporters is the way forward, with the Chairman of the supporters club on the BOD.


30/1/2020 11:58 AM  #15

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

Personally I think that this idea if it is going to have any substance really needs to come of the forum and into a proper conversation. At this moment sadly it's a lot of chat between supporters that remain anonymous, maybe we need a little meet up and a conversation between all interested parties? 


30/1/2020 12:39 PM  #16

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

We need to get around the table and speak face to face. Whether it's an Independent Supporters Club or a full blown Trust, I believe that this will be for the benefit of the Club and its supporters. No one should feel as though they're being disloyal or disruptive.


30/1/2020 2:55 PM  #17

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

DB Do I remember right in thinking you used to have quite an active role in the very first ISC for Chippenham, I cannot remember fully but did you not hold a position within? The only people that would see this as disloyal or disruptive are those who are threatened by it or uneducated regarding it's ideals. No one wants to take over Chippenham, but this is about helping those in the seat to make their lives, jobs, positions a little less stressful. 


30/1/2020 6:46 PM  #18

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

Your memory serves you well The Voice. Ian Liversidge set up the Supporters Club I believe during the 1997/98 season. The away coach travel, drum, Union Jack and England flags, fanzine, balloons, ticker tape, Blue Army chants, encouraging the players to interact on the pitch with the fans, fund raising activities, Ian's quizzes in the bar and many more things, were all products of the Supporters Club. Like members of your own family I was proud to sit on the committee and play my part for a number of years.


30/1/2020 8:30 PM  #19

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

Brilliant days, if only we could get back that. I really did think it was starting to happen, then the supporters club gets the bullet, come on commercial team let’s get back to the good ole days. Does that include Tommy S 


30/1/2020 8:45 PM  #20

Re: Chippenham Supporters Trust

John Applegate will be reading this on his updated RM Nimbus with MS Dos operating system with dread.

Power to the people?  Uh oh...

One thing I’ve never understood is that the club wanted a manager with NLS experience (which makes sense). Why the hell hasn’t there been someone with experience behind the scenes of a higher level brought in?

Clearly needed given how things look at the moment.


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