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24/1/2020 1:23 PM  #1

Havant Waterlooville.

Cannot believe we won’t be seeing some new faces in our line up tomorrow, with that in mind I am going two nil home win in front of 695, HW have fans coach that I am informed is full. Card machines ready workers. 


25/1/2020 1:17 PM  #2

Re: Havant Waterlooville.

Very interesting game coming up for various obvious reasons. Wish I could share your optimism Reginald, but my head tells me a different result from my heart. Lets hope its wrong. I will just predict the attendance, which will be 586.


25/1/2020 6:21 PM  #3

Re: Havant Waterlooville.

FT 0-0. Encouraging peformance, back line exceptional, didn't concede late like the last few games. Luke Russe looked quality. Again though, Hopper misses an absolute sitter, None of the forwards were great yet Jarvis is not even on the bench- absoloute joke and this game was crying out for him- would hope this situation would change with a new manager... Could be injured but if not very concerning.

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25/1/2020 6:28 PM  #4

Re: Havant Waterlooville.

That’s was a bet performance today, need a bit of quality up front and must learn not to put ourselves under pressure with short goal kicks
Jarvis has hamstring injury and manager thought it was best not play him


25/1/2020 6:35 PM  #5

Re: Havant Waterlooville.

Fair enough then with Jarvis- could still do with more depth though- only 3 outfield players on the bench today.


25/1/2020 7:13 PM  #6

Re: Havant Waterlooville.

I watched both games and could have won both, they were there for the taking again today, defended well and thank God for Puddy. Defensively good today, we are the draw specialists and that’s what will keep us up. Get Jarvis in ASAP 

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25/1/2020 7:35 PM  #7

Re: Havant Waterlooville.

No ‘honeymoon’ period. Good turn out but didn’t get the result! Hungerford winning leaves us right in the mix! Leaves me thinking.. (again) what have the board got up their sleeves? No Jarv again? The chants today speaks volumes of the minority.. **** ****** barmy army? Funny feeling right now. Hard to educate a young boy on the going’s on!!

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25/1/2020 8:09 PM  #8

Re: Havant Waterlooville.

Great result against a team 2nd in the table. I'm very encouraged from these first two games.


25/1/2020 8:35 PM  #9

Re: Havant Waterlooville.

Very exciting game towards the end, could have gone either way. HW looked the better team to me but not champions elect (particularly after Wealdstone 7 Bath 0

They could have scored a few but we had our chances too (shame the open goal opportunity near the end fell to the wrong person). An encouraging point but we need to win some games soon, and as has been well discussed on here we need some new players. Indeed we had more coaches present today than substitutes!

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25/1/2020 9:11 PM  #10

Re: Havant Waterlooville.

Decent performance. Rode our luck at times but only thanks to Puddy and Hoppers miss was glaring.

No better or worse than a dozen other games.

Desperate for another wide player. Ended up with Pratt and Grant!


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