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06/1/2020 10:57 AM  #1

Hemel (Home)

Seems we might finally get to play this one after several times this fixture has been placed on hold due to cup commitments, international breaks and everything in between. Some would say we could not be playing Hemel at a worse time, 4 defeats in a row and the most disappointing of those losses coming only a few short days ago away in Kent where Chippenham would have expected at least something from a game against Tonbridge but alas here we are. 

Hemel touchdown in Wiltshire themselves in absolute free fall. When we were originally due to play this fixture Hemel sat 2nd in the League and were looking like challengers to Wealdstone, fast forward a couple of months and they now sit in 10th place. Since our original game they have drawn with Eastbourne, been beaten by Concord, Braintree and Welling before a draw with Tonbridge, defeat to St Albans, a good point against Slough before handing their own revenge to St Albans in a 1-0 win on New Years Day and most recently going down 2-1 to Chelmsford on Saturday. This is the first fixture in a horrible run of four games for Hemel seeing them playing ourselves tomorrow before taking on Havant, Maidstone and Bath City in a period that will prove a real test for Sammy Moore and his men. 

Hemel will have been hurt by two fairly high profile departures in the squad both at the top of the park, Adam Cunnington left to join the Romford Revolution under his good mate Glenn Tamplin (no doubt realising that it's better to pick up a grand a week in the wilderness than fight for a place at Hemel) and more importantly Liam Nash, Liam decided to leave Hemel by "Mutual Consent" a few weeks ago and will come as a blow to the Tudors, not so much to Chippenham fans who won't have to endure his pace and trickery down the wing nor his dangerous left foot from set pieces.

Hopefully Chippenham can come out in force again, a good number against Bath City on New Years Day coupled with a decent (for us) following away at Tonbridge on Saturday. I know it's difficult to support a team that aren't winning week in week out, but it's times like this supporters prove their mettle. I personally feel very confident that Hemel are coming to us on a Tuesday night which is far from ideal, they are going to have also expended a lot over the Christmas period as we all have and this is the best time to be playing a team that found a slightly false position at the start of the year. I am confident we can take Hemel if we keep creating chances the way we have been in the last month or so, we just need that little bit of confidence and composure in front of goal to ensure when the chance comes, we take it. 

I am going for an optimistic 2-1 to the Chippenham with goals from Nat Jarvis and Karnell Chambers. Both lads looked lively Saturday and Jarvis is hungry, you can see it in his movement and determination to get at everything and for me, has to start tomorrow night. Zebroski again is looking really lethargic and to be honest knackered from the physical demands of the Christmas break, I would rest Zeb tomorrow night and bring in Dave Pratt, he was finding fitness prior to Nat's return and to be honest Zebroski has had the most game time of all the strikers and not really done anything more or less than the others. 

Come on Chippenham, a massive win tomorrow will lift the mood considerably ahead of the break on Saturday. Good luck to Mark, Gary and the lads as we seek to bring it home!! 


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