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14/6/2019 3:27 PM  #1

Luke Hopper

The club are pleased to announce the signing of Luke Hopper.

Mark Collier said “ Luke has been on our radar for a while now, he is a proven goalscorer and in fact has been top scorer in his past three seasons, one at Glos City in the Conference North and the last two seasons at Salisbury City” “His desire to join us was obvious following our conversations, his quality will certainly add to our forward options “


14/6/2019 3:29 PM  #2

Re: Luke Hopper

Wow, not one to write home about. Poor signing, squad player at best.


14/6/2019 3:32 PM  #3

Re: Luke Hopper

That name sounds familiar has he had a spell with us before ?


14/6/2019 3:34 PM  #4

Re: Luke Hopper

Yes a couple of stints I believe under adie a while back and more recently under mark.

Both very underwhelming spells. Sounds like a rushed signing of someone familiar since Mcootie has left to me.

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14/6/2019 3:39 PM  #5

Re: Luke Hopper

Give the boy a chance why not, maybe budget related


14/6/2019 4:16 PM  #6

Re: Luke Hopper

yes I remember him playing for us some time ago ) and he played for Collier at Supermarine I recall. I think he is played at HP in opposing sides. Can't say I've ever been massively impressed in the past, but he might well be a more than adequate replacement for McCootie


14/6/2019 4:34 PM  #7

Re: Luke Hopper

Always give them a chance but the fact a few of our players have turned down deals and gone elsewhere + the budget boost news and last seasons quotes of tightening the purse strings this year it does make you wonder how drastically the budget has been slashed.

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14/6/2019 5:25 PM  #8

Re: Luke Hopper

He was phenomenal for us in the Conference North. Your reaction to this signing is laughable.


14/6/2019 5:38 PM  #9

Re: Luke Hopper

tigerroar wrote:

He was phenomenal for us in the Conference North. Your reaction to this signing is laughable.

Thank you tigerroar. And you have first hand knowledge. I agree excellent signing.


14/6/2019 6:32 PM  #10

Re: Luke Hopper

With his recent goal record looks like he could be a great signing. Interesting to see where he ranks with pratt and jarvis.


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