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03/6/2019 7:58 PM  #1

Greg Tindle

The club can confirm social media reports that Greg Tindle has left the club. 

Manager Mark Collier said “ Tinds was offered a playing contract for the coming season and has declined a very good offer, of course I respect his decision and wish him well” 

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03/6/2019 8:01 PM  #2

Re: Greg Tindle

Joined Weston Super Mare, not mentioned for some reason.

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03/6/2019 8:43 PM  #3

Re: Greg Tindle

Weston,nothing should surprise anyone anymore. Richards McDonald my preference in truth.


03/6/2019 8:58 PM  #4

Re: Greg Tindle

I think this is a real shame - he's played for us for so many years almost continuously except for a while with Rudge in charge. Something about this doesn't feel right - he deserved a testimonial if the club feels he is at end of his career


03/6/2019 9:25 PM  #5

Re: Greg Tindle

According to the Weston website has signed a 2 year contract.


03/6/2019 9:26 PM  #6

Re: Greg Tindle

Where does it intimate the club thinks he’s at the end of his career?  He had a good offer from us, he turned it down.  Probably saw the competition in front of him and realised he wouldn’t be first choice.  Weston have a few quid no doubt, so don’t blame him for taking that route at all.  He’s been a brilliant player for us over the years, he almost single handedly dragged us out of the relegation mire when MC took over initially, and he’s given 100% every time he’s pulled on the shirt.  Not the most technically gifted but a proper defender, and one of the all time great Chippenham players in my book.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see him back one day, but I wish him all the best for this season at WSM.


03/6/2019 9:37 PM  #7

Re: Greg Tindle

He's been a Captain Fantastic for the club.  You always know with Gregg you will get 100%. Nothing is ever left out on the pitch. Very sad to see him go after he came back from what looked like being a career ending injury.  And then finished the season playing so well. Looking like the Tinds of a few years ago,back to his very best.  Good luck at Weston mate.  Hope things go really well for you.  😎.


03/6/2019 10:30 PM  #8

Re: Greg Tindle

I agree ‘newfan’ Something doesn’t seem quite right about this. The one remaining local lad who is an absolute hero for CTFC leaving doesn’t sit well with me, I know a couple of Weston fans and I would be absolutely amazed if this is based on finances, Weston have never been big payers from what I’m told.

To say tins is down the pecking order is utterly ridiculous best centre back I’ve seen at the club, and a proper one at that.

I’m devastated at this and the lad definitely deserves a testimonial from the club.


03/6/2019 11:19 PM  #9

Re: Greg Tindle

I don't subscribe to Conspiracy theories but this seems to me to be a very strange decision. Sure there is competition for places but both Richards and Mcdonald suffered injuries last term and Mcdonald in particular was badly affected for a least two separate extended periods. Greg I suggest would relish a bit of competition.


03/6/2019 11:52 PM  #10

Re: Greg Tindle

Don’t want to say anything about the speculation as to why. All I want to say is, Thank you Greg, you’ve been incredible for CTFC and you’re a true hero at this club. Captained the side to one of the most memorable and fantastic times in our history and no doubt will always be welcomed back as a Chippenham Town legend..


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