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29/5/2019 2:39 PM  #1

A Volunteers' Celebration,Friday 21st June 2019

To reward the huge commitment of Volunteers to our Club, a party is being arranged on Friday 21st June 2019 in the Bluebirds' Bar 7.30pm -10.00pm. Mark and several players will be in attendance together with some Board members.
So come along for a pre-season chat, enjoy some food and a well-earned drink.
It has been agreed that all volunteers will be issued with a club sports shirt ,free  of charge for the coming season to be worn on match days. Order forms will be available at the party for completion. This is part of our rebranding of the club and to develop a sense of belonging.


30/5/2019 7:25 PM  #2

Re: A Volunteers' Celebration,Friday 21st June 2019

Hi Pete,
This is a great gesture from the club. If people are looking to help the club more could they come on the night to see what it is all about ?

Pride and passion

30/5/2019 8:21 PM  #3

Re: A Volunteers' Celebration,Friday 21st June 2019

1cooky ,everyone are most welcome to join us for this Evening , more Volunteers are always welcome along with our Supporters 

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31/5/2019 9:17 AM  #4

Re: A Volunteers' Celebration,Friday 21st June 2019

Thanks Pete,

Hopefully will be able to get there. I would like to help a bit around the club. Work/wife/football balance.

Pride and passion

01/6/2019 4:53 PM  #5

Re: A Volunteers' Celebration,Friday 21st June 2019

Just a follow up note from the Club to clear a few questions up 

All Supporters are always welcome in the Bluebirds' Bar however the Volunteers Party is predominantly for those people who have generously given their time during the past season.
New Volunteers are welcome to come along ,but to qualify for a free Sports shirt people have  to volunteer regularly for six months.
We need to establish a register of volunteers and people will be asked to leave their contact details at the Party .
it should be a great evening 

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03/6/2019 12:53 PM  #6

Re: A Volunteers' Celebration,Friday 21st June 2019

Great Touch from the Board of Directors. Volunteers really are the life blood of clubs at this level and the dedication of some of these volunteers are incredible. I experience this first hand in my family as travel arrangements for games are based around my mothers insistence on being there for bloody 11.30!! 

Well done all volunteers and the Board for recognising this important role they play. Great club all round. 


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