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17/11/2018 2:27 PM  #1

Wealdstone today

Quietly confident but think it will be a tough game, their form is very good but we are difficult to beat at home and conditions should suit us if we play to our strengths without picking up any more injuries or suspensions


17/11/2018 5:58 PM  #2

Re: Wealdstone today

Great result which I was following In Delhi


17/11/2018 7:07 PM  #3

Re: Wealdstone today

Well that was a cracking game of football and a massive 3 points for the Bluebirds. I will not single out players for individual praise as it was a complete team performance with everyone working their socks off and putting in a shift to keep the Stones out and our forwards were a threat every time they got the ball. 
Our results against so called top teams show that we really belong in this league and a play off place should be an achievable target for mark and the boys. Just one negative point, as I was leaving I heard someone say " we're 17 points above the relegation zone."No we 're 5 points from the top.


17/11/2018 8:53 PM  #4

Re: Wealdstone today

I've just about got my breath back! Ten minutes from time I would never have seen a 3-1 win! Don't think I've enjoyed a win so much!
My thoughts to day:
1. House is a great keeper and has a bright future. You can see his obvious enjoyment at playing for Chippenham!
2. Puddy is also a great keeper! Can't believe we have two great keepers! Question is who do we choose!
3. The Chippenham forwards have so much pace they will score goals home and away!
4. There is no atmosphere at Hardenhuish Park. We'll get totally murdered when Bath City come to town!
Lets make sure we don't screw in up in the FA Trophy next weekend...


17/11/2018 9:40 PM  #5

Re: Wealdstone today

Loads of atmosphere where we were!


17/11/2018 10:33 PM  #6

Re: Wealdstone today

Agree with blackandamber's first three points but not sure about the fourth. What is the definition of 'atmosphere'?
Is it noise? Is it opposing sets of fans chanting? Is it generated by an exciting game? Lots of goals? Does it matter where you sit/stand?
The first half today was a bit flat although very competitive. I thought the atmosphere during the last 20 minutes or so was really good, culminating in everyone going berserk at Karnell's winning goal! Very exciting. Well played everyone.

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17/11/2018 10:36 PM  #7

Re: Wealdstone today

Interesting the Wealdstone manager commented after the game saying ‘The conditions out there are absolutely terrible, it’s up there with one of the worst pitches’
Harsh coming from the ex hungerford manager.


17/11/2018 11:18 PM  #8

Re: Wealdstone today


Tremendous all round performance and it’s unfair to single anyone out, but I was really impressed with Jarvis today, I thought he was excellent.


17/11/2018 11:35 PM  #9

Re: Wealdstone today

No atmosphere. Should have been in the bar at half time!!
That’s what I call non league football banter between 2teams 😀😀

Pride and passion

18/11/2018 12:03 AM  #10

Re: Wealdstone today

Smile was out of this world today and only eclipsed in my opinion by Karnell Chambers for MoM. Smiles performances have always been spot on and is a class act. Karnell shut a few critics up today with a performance that quite honestly looked years above in terms of maturity. Forming quite a headache for Mark when Nick is fit again as right now Chambers looks umdroppable and Jarv well what can be said. What a work rate. All three of the lads mentioned above today made Pratt look like a tired old fella in terms of engine. Very quiet return for the hero of the championship winning season in large due to the performance of Will Richards who again was outstanding for me today. Faultless performance, clinical, absorbed pressure well and tactically spot on on terms of performance from the lads. Well done everyone. Reference the atmosphere Jesus, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. Thanks to my boys around me once again making the attempts to stay vocal. First half with the shed always seems the atmosphere drops off when the sides are swapped as the game tends to spark second half. Scenes towards the end and post match were a credit to the supporters and players and I live for being a part of that. Bath city thought they would be murder us last year by the way. We went to their city, took their pub and then took their bar at half time. 1cooky spot on about half time what a buzz that was. Proper day of football all round. Roll on Wingate and Finchley and hopefully a safe passage to the next round of the trophy.


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